Camptoscaphiella tuberans Tong and Li

Baehr, Barbara C., Harvey, Mark S. & Smith, Helen M., 2010, A Review of the Asian Goblin Spider Genus Camptoscaphiella (Araneae: Oonopidae), American Museum Novitates 2010 (3697), pp. 1-66 : 20-63

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Camptoscaphiella tuberans Tong and Li


Camptoscaphiella tuberans Tong and Li View in CoL

Map 2

Camptoscaphiella tuberans Tong and Li, 2007: 335 View in CoL , figs. 19–27 (♂ ♀).

TYPES: Male holotype, three male and six female paratypes, from China, Yunnan Province, Deqen, Mt. Moirigkawagarbo, 28°28′N, 98°47′E, 2372 m (30 Jul 2006, Yanjing Song, Zhihui Cui, Jianju Xu), deposited at the Institute of Zoology , Chinese Academy of Sciences ( IZCAS) in Beijing, China, not examined GoogleMaps .

DIAGNOSIS: The male of C. tuberans differs from other Camptoscaphiella in having a conductor divided into two subequal prongs ( Tong and Li, 2007: figs. 24, 26, 27). The female most closely resembles C. panchthar in the shape of the copulatory duct and in having short apodemes, and differs from that species in having a round (as opposed to pyriform) median plate ( Tong and Li, 2007: fig. 24).

NOTES: This species appears to be well described and illustrated by Tong and Li (2007).

DISTRIBUTION: China (map 2).

hilaris Brignoli (PBI_OON 23376), male left palpi. 161. C. fulva , prolateral view. 162.

Same, dorsal view. 163. Same, retrolateral view. 164. C. hilaris , prolateral view. 165.

Same, dorsal view. 166. Same, retrolateral view. H = height of patella, L = length, P

= posterior extension. Scale bars = 0.1 mm.

23343) and C. loebli , new species (PBI_OON 15618), male left palpi.

167. C. simoni , prolateral view. 168. Same, dorsal view. 169. Same,

retrolateral view. 170. C. loebli , prolateral view. 171. Same, dorsal view. 172. Same, retrolateral view. Scale bars = 0.1 mm.

23365) and C. nepalensis , new species (PBI_OON 15375), male left palpi. 173.

C. schwendingeri , prolateral view. 174. Same, dorsal view. 175. Same, retrolateral view. 176. C. nepalensis , prolateral view. 177. Same, dorsal view. 178.

Same, retrolateral view. Scale bars = 0.1 mm.

PLATE 1. Camptoscaphiella loebli , new species, habitus. Male (top), anterior view (PBI_OON 15618). Female (bottom), dorsal view (PBI_OON 15407).


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Camptoscaphiella tuberans Tong and Li

Baehr, Barbara C., Harvey, Mark S. & Smith, Helen M. 2010

Camptoscaphiella tuberans

Tong, Y. F. & S. Q. Li 2007: 335
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