Camptoscaphiella schwendingeri Baehr, 2010

Baehr, Barbara C., Harvey, Mark S. & Smith, Helen M., 2010, A Review of the Asian Goblin Spider Genus Camptoscaphiella (Araneae: Oonopidae), American Museum Novitates 2010 (3697), pp. 1-66 : 17

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Camptoscaphiella schwendingeri Baehr

sp. nov.

Camptoscaphiella schwendingeri Baehr View in CoL , new species

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TYPE: Male holotype, from Thailand, Amphoe Mae Sai Co., Changwat Chian Rai , Tharn ( Cave ) Pla, 1120 m, 20.33333°N, 99.86666°E (21 Jun 1986, P.L. Stone), deposited in RMNH (PBI_OON 23365) GoogleMaps .

ETYMOLOGY: The specific name is a patronym in honor of Peter Schwendinger who surveyed the soil-dwelling arthropod fauna of Southeast Asia for many years and who collected a specimen of this species.

DIAGNOSIS: Males can be easily recognized by the carapace with dark brown median stripe and the distal part of bulb with two wing-shaped appendices, median one twice as long as lateral one.

MALE (PBI_OON 23365, figs. 327–335): Total length 1.47. Carapace pale orange, pars cephalica domed in lateral view, with longitudinal brown stripe medially. Sternum, chelicerae, endites and labium pale orange. Abdomen: scutae pale orange; dorsal scutum covering about 1 ⁄ 2 of abdomen length, between 1 ⁄ 4 and 1 ⁄ 2 abdomen width, not fused to epigastric scutum; postepigastric scutum, short, only around epigastric furrow. Palp (figs. 173–175, 333–335) redbrown; patella: L, 0.49 mm; P, 0.30 mm; PR, 0.61; H, 0.14 mm; L/H, 3.5; cymbium yellow-brown, ovoid in dorsal view; bulb pale orange, distal part with 2 wing-shaped appendices; median one twice as long as lateral one and retrolateral directed fold.

FEMALE: Unknown.

OTHER MATERIAL EXAMINED: THAILAND: Loei Province: Phu Rua District: Phu Rua National Park , 1230 m, 17.50000°S, 101.50000°E, Dec. 20, 1994, P. Schwendinger, 1♂ ( MHNG PBI_OON 15490) GoogleMaps .

DISTRIBUTION: Middle and northern Thailand (map 4).

MAP 4. Records of Camptoscaphiella schwendingeri (circles), C. silens

(square) and C. simoni (triangle).


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