Monomorium Mayr

Ward, P. S., 2005, A synoptic review of the ants of California (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), Zootaxa 936, pp. 1-68: 34

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Monomorium Mayr


Genus Monomorium Mayr  

California appears to have a single indigenous species of this genus, M. ergatogyna   , a ground­nesting species which is widely but patchily distributed throughout the state except at high elevations. The reasons for treating M. wheelerorum   as a junior synonym have been discussed above (under “Taxonomic Changes”). The introduced Pharaoh’s ant, M. pharaonis (Linnaeus)   , is a frequent pest in buildings in urban California. A second introduced species, similar to M. pharaonis   but with a more elongate head and more shagreened sculpture, has been collected once in the state (images and locality information on AntWeb).

Species identification: keys in Wheeler and Wheeler (1986g). Additional references: Adams and Traniello (1981), Andersen et al. (1991), Berndt and Eichler (1987), Bolton (1987), DuBois (1986, 2000), Fernández (2005), Heterick (2001), Jones et al. (1982 a, 1982 b), Knight and Rust (1990).