Elaphidiini Thomson, 1864

Bouchard, Patrice, Bousquet, Yves, Davies, Anthony E., Alonso-Zarazaga, Miguel A., Lawrence, John F., Lyal, Chris H. C., Newton, Alfred F., Reid, Chris A. M., Schmitt, Michael, Ślipinski, S. Adam & Smith, Andrew B. T., 2011, Family-group names in Coleoptera (Insecta), ZooKeys 88, pp. 1-972 : 206

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Elaphidiini Thomson, 1864


Tribe Elaphidiini Thomson, 1864

Elaphidionitae J. Thomson, 1864: 235 [stem: Elaphidi-]. Type genus: Elaphidion Audinet-Serville, 1834. Comment: incorrect original stem formation, not in prevailing usage; Ivie (1985: 303) pointed out that the correct stem based on Elaphidion is Elaphidi -; both Elaphidiini and Elaphidionini have been used in recent literature, we prefer to use the correct spelling of the stem here.

Spherionides Lacordaire, 1868: 312 [stem: Sphaeri-]. Type genus: Sphaerion Audinet-Serville, 1834. Comment: original vernacular name available (Art. 11.7.2): first used in latinized form by Heyne and Taschenberg (1907: 239, as Sphaerionini ), generally accepted as in Aurivillius (1912: 96, as Sphaerionini ); incorrect original stem formation, not in prevailing usage; junior homonym of Sphaeriidae Deshayes, 1855 (type genus Sphaerium Scopoli, 1877) in Mollusca and Sphaerina Erichson, 1845 [incorrect original spelling] (type genus Sphaerius Waltl, 1838) in Myxophaga, the stem of the beetle family-group name was recently emended to Sphaerius - (ICZN 2000); this case is to be referred to the Commission to remove the homonymy (Art. 55.3.1).

Stenosphenini J. L. LeConte, 1873: 316 [stem: Stenosphen-]. Type genus: Stenosphenus Haldeman, 1847.