Platystethynium Ogloblin, 1946

Rameshkumar, A., Poorani, J. & V, Naveen, 2015, Additions to the Encyrtidae and Mymaridae (Chalcidoidea) of India with new distribution and host records for some species, Biodiversity Data Journal 3, pp. 5216-5216: 5216

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Platystethynium Ogloblin, 1946


Platystethynium Ogloblin, 1946  

Platystethynium   Ogloblin 1946: 290. Type species Platystethynium onomarchicidum   Ogloblin, by original designation.


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: recordedBy: A Rameshkumar; individualCount: 1; sex: female; lifeStage: Adult; Location: continent: Asia; country: India; stateProvince: Meghalaya; municipality: Umiam; locality: ICAR complex ; verbatimElevation: 603 m; verbatimCoordinates: N25°49' E91°52'; Identification: identifiedBy: A Rameshkumar; Event: samplingProtocol: Malaise trap; eventDate: 12-06-2013; habitat: forest land; Record Level: institutionID: National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources; institutionCode: NBAIR GoogleMaps  


Female (Fig. 4). Body strongly flattened dorsoventrally. Antenna 11-segmented, with 3-segmented clava; funicle segments submoniliform; F5 and clava with placoid sensilla. Forehead distinctly divided into ventral and dorsal halves, former with two curved trabeculae, which extend from clypeus to antennal scrobes. Mandibles small, toothless, apparently not movable (without articular processes); gnathal aperture small, ventral, removed from occipital border. Epicranial sutures joining posterior ones before anterior ocellus so as to form X-shaped figure. Pronotum large, completely divided longitudinally. Wings with narrow discal blade, sharply pointed distally. Legs short and stout; fore tibiae with strong spines on ventral surface; hind femora distinctly swollen and compressed. Abdomen broadly sessile, ovipositor protruding ( Ogloblin 1946).


Indonesia (Java) ( Ogloblin 1946). This constitutes the first record of this genus from India (Meghalaya).


Hosts: Eggs of Tettigonioidea  , Saltatoria   ( P. onomarchicidum   recorded from eggs of Onomarchus uninotatus   ) ( Ogloblin 1946).