Nannaria spruilli, Means & Hennen & Marek, 2021

Means, Jackson C., Hennen, Derek A. & Marek, Paul E., 2021, A revision of the minor species group in the millipede genus Nannaria Chamberlin, 1918 (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Xystodesmidae), ZooKeys 1030, pp. 1-180: 1

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Nannaria spruilli

sp. nov.

Nannaria spruilli   sp. nov. Fig. 85 Vernacular name: "Chad Spruill’s Twisted-Claw Millipede" View Figure 85

Material examined.

Holotype: United States - Virginia • ♂; Wise County, Osborn Rock, FR 238; 36.8949°N, - 82.5902°W; elev. 1112 m; 17 Aug. 2006; hand collected; P. Marek & C. Spruill leg.; VTEC MMC0035. GoogleMaps  

Paratype: United States - Virginia • 1 ♀; same collection data as holotype; VTEC MMC0021 GoogleMaps   2 ♀♀; same collection data as holotype; VMNH MMC0027, 32. For detailed collection data see Suppl. material 7 GoogleMaps   .


Adult males of Nannaria spruilli   sp. nov. are distinct from other Nannaria   and the nearby N. aenigma   , based on the following combination of characters: Gonopods. Gonopodal acropodite straight, curving medially at nearly 90° angle at apex, not gently curving or with medial swelling as in N. blackmountainensis   sp. nov. Acropodite tip blunt with small, lobed lateral flange (Fig. 85C View Figure 85 , red arrow), not with large, hooked lateral flange as in N. blackmountainensis   sp. nov., or thin, sinuous tip as in N. aenigma   . Height of telopodite basal zone > 1/2 length of acropodite, not < ½ length as in N. blackmountainensis   sp. nov., or ca. 1/6 length as in N. aenigma   . Prefemur with straight, acicular prefemoral process and reduced prefemoral spine (Fig. 85C View Figure 85 , red triangle). Color. Color in life unknown.


♂ holotype (VTEC, MMC0035): BL = 29.9, CW = 3.8, IW = 2.1, ISW = 0.8, B11W = 5.1, B11H = 3.1; ♀ paratype ( VMNH, MMC0027; head taken for DNA): BL = N/A, CW = 4.1, IW = N/A, ISW = N/A, B11W = 5.4, B11H = 3.7.


No known variation.


Known only from the type locality (Virginia: Wise County, Suppl. material 7; Fig. 126 View Figure 126 ). Distribution area: N/A; status: MRE.


Individuals of N. spruilli   sp. nov. were collected from mesic broadleaved forests from underneath deciduous leaf litter. Nannaria spruilli   sp. nov. was encountered co-occurring with a Mullerian mimicry ring composed of the xystodesmid species Apheloria polychroma   , Brachoria cedra   Keeton, 1959, and Brachoria insolita   Keeton, 1959 ( Marek and Bond 2009).


This species was named after its co-collector, Chad Spruill. The specific name is a genitive noun derived as a patronym.

Type locality.

United States, Virginia, Wise County, Osborn Rock, FR238; 36.8949°N, - 82.5902°W.