Oxypiloidea (Catasigerpes) margarathae (Werner, 1912),

Moulin, Nicolas, Decaens, Thibaud & Annoyer, Philippe, 2017, Diversity of mantids (Dictyoptera: Mantodea) of Sangha-Mbaere Region, Central African Republic, with some ecological data and DNA barcoding, Journal of Orthoptera Research 26 (2), pp. 117-141: 126

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Oxypiloidea (Catasigerpes) margarathae (Werner, 1912)


Oxypiloidea (Catasigerpes) margarathae (Werner, 1912) 

Werner 1912. Brelin ent. Z. 57: 17.

Type locality. -

Dire Daoua (Ethiopia).

Material examined. -

CAR, Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve, Lidjombo, platform on the canopy 38m, “Ayous” Triplochiton scleroxylon  , Sterculariaceae  , barcoding BOLD NMMAN11-425 (1♂), UV trap 25.II.2005 (♂) (Collector PA) (RCNM); Bayanga, platform on the canopy 44m, “Kungu” Piptadenastrium africanum  , Fabaceae  , UV trap 23.X.2008 (♂) (Collector PA) (RCNM); Dzanga-Ndoki National Park, Lake 1, night capture, Genitalia Moulin NM0037 24.XI.2010 (♂) (Collector S. Danflous) (RCNM); Lake 1, platform on the canopy 38m, “Azobé” Lophira alata  , Ochnaceae  , barcoding BOLD LopeMAN14-232 (♀) and -235 (1♂), UV trap 02-07.II.2012 (1♂; 1♀) (Collector NM and PA) (RCNM); Lake 3, UV trap 16.II.2012 (♂) (Collector NM and PA) (IDM); Lake 1, day capture 21.II.2012 (♂) (Collector NM and PA) (IDM); Lake 1, platform on the canopy 45m, “Ayous” Triplochiton scleroxylon  , Sterculariaceae  , UV trap 23.II.2012 (4♂) (Collector NM and PA) (IDM and RCNM).

Distribution. -

Cameroon, CAR, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda.