Howarth, Brigitte & Gillett, Michael, 2009, Increasing knowledge of the entomological fauna of the United Arab Emirates and the role of private collections, ZooKeys 31 (3), pp. 119-132: 128

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Atractocerus  sp. ( Coleoptera  : Lymexylidae  )

Beetles belonging to the small family Lymexylidae  develop in the wood of fallen or damaged trees, feeding on fungus that grows in tunnels bored by the larvae and is an unusual family to find in the UAE. A single specimen attributable to the genus Atractocerus  was taken at a mercury vapour light trap by BH on the 19th September 2008 in the Fujairah emirate. It is a soft-bodied beetle with only rudimentary wingcases or elytra ( Fig. 5View Figure 5) making it hardly recognisable as a beetle. It too is a new record for the UAE.