Gyrophaena (Gyrophaena) joyi WENDELER 1924

I. V & A. V, 2011, Contribution to the knowledge of Gyrophaena MANNERHEIM 1830 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae: Gyrophaenina) of the Baikal region, Linzer biologische Beiträge 43 (2), pp. 1199-1217 : 1204

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Gyrophaena (Gyrophaena) joyi WENDELER 1924


Gyrophaena (Gyrophaena) joyi WENDELER 1924 ( Fig. 4 View Figs 4-12 )

[ convexicollis JOY ].

Gyrophaena joyi asiatica: WÜSTHOFF 1937 ; syn. nov.

M a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d: Irkutsk Area:, 3, Taishetskiy distr., Patrikha env., 27. VI.1998, leg. A. Shavrin ; 8, 2, Erbogachyonskiy distr., right side of Nizhnyaya Tunguska riv., Erbogachyon , 18, 26-27.VIII.2008, leg. A. Shavrin & I. Enushchenko ;, 2, Katangskiy distr., val. of Nizhnyaya Tunguska riv., Podvoloshino env., 04-09.VIII.2008, leg. A. Shavrin & I. Enushchenko ;, Slyudyanskiy distr., Khamar-Daban Mts., val. of Slyudyanka riv., 14-16.VII.2008, leg. A. Shavrin ; Buryatia Republic:,, Severo-Baikalskiy distr., left side of Kurkula riv., N55°04´13´´ E108°59´34´´, h= 624 m, 28.VII.2010, leg. I. Enushchenko & A. Shavrin GoogleMaps ; 3, 2, Pribaikalskiy distr., Selenga riv., 5 km N Mostovka, 31.VII-01.VIII.1997, leg. A. Shavrin ;, Kabanskiy distr., Khamar-Daban Mts., val. of Snezhnaya riv., 05-08. VI.2007, leg. A. Shavrin ;, Selenginskiy distr., Khamar-Daban Mts., Tayozhniy env., 15-16.VIII.2006, leg. A. Shavrin ;, Kabanskiy distr., Khamar-Daban Mts., Vydrinnaya riv. mouth, 13.VIII.2006, leg. A. Shavrin ; Chita Area:, Kyrenskiy distr., val. of Kyra riv., near Kyra set., 18 VII 2009, in Pleurotus pulmonarius (Fr.) Quél., leg. A. Shavrin & I. Enushchenko.

A d d i t i o n a l m a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d, 3, Volgograd Area: N Kalach-na- Donu , 17-18.IX.1997, leg. K.A. Grebennikov ;, "Sil[esia]., Teschen Th. V. Wanka" (NMP);, "Austr[ia]. Inf[erior]. Umgb. Krems a. D. Th. v. Wanka" ( NMP) .

D i s t r i b u t i o n: Europe, including European part of Russia (NIKITSKIY et al. 1996: 36; DEDYUKHIN et al. 2005: 300; SEMENOV 2009: 48), Turkey, East Siberia.

B i o n o m i c s: The specimens from the Chita area have been collected from Pleurotus pulmonarius (FR.) QUÉL.

C o m m e n t: WÜSTHOFF (1937: 143) described from Siberia a new subspecies G. joyi asiatica, which differs from the nominal taxon by lighter coloration, coarser and more distinct punctation of the elytra and a more slender аedeagus. We did not examine the holotype of G. joyi asiatica, however we studied additional material from Europe and the European part of Russia, which are in all characters similar to the Siberian specimens and no significant differences in the shape of the aedeagus or elytral sculpture were detected. Concequently, the following new synonymy is established: Gyrophaena joyi WENDELER 1924 = G. joyi asiatica WÜSTHOFF 1937 , syn. nov. Aedeagus as in Fig. 4 View Figs 4-12 . It is here reported from Irkutsk and Chita areas for the first time.


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Gyrophaena (Gyrophaena) joyi WENDELER 1924

I. V & A. V 2011

asiatica: WÜSTHOFF 1937


Gyrophaena joyi

WENDELER (Erbogachyon 1924
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