Brachymeria albicrus (Klug, 1834),

Falahatpisheh, Ali, Fallahzadeh, Majid, Dousti, Abu Fazel & Delvare, Gérard, 2018, Review of Iranian Chalcididae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) with nomenclatural notes, Zootaxa 4394 (2), pp. 251-269: 254

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Brachymeria albicrus (Klug, 1834)


Brachymeria albicrus (Klug, 1834) 

Chalcis albicrus  KLUg 1834: IV, PLATE 37: FIg. 9. ORIgINAL DESCRIpTION. EgYpT  . = Chalcis rufigaster MASI, 1924  : 187–190. Syn. nov. ORIgINAL DESCRIpTION. IRAN, KERmAN  . Brachymeria rufigaster  (MASI): LOTFALIzADEH et al. 2012: 73.

Material examined. Type material. Chalcis albicrus  . Lectotype, designated by Bouček and validated here, a pinned ♀ labelled ' albicrus Kl.  *' [manuscript, green label] / 'Aegypt xxxiv. 8b. Ehrb.' [manuscript, green label] / 'Aegypt Ehrenberg S.' [printed] / '13422' / 'Chalcis' / lectotype [in BMNH format] / ' Brachymeria albicrus ♀ Z.Bouček  det.1971' / 'Zool. Mus. Berlin' / 'GBIF-ChalclSD ID: ChalD0664' (in BMN). Chalcis rufiventris  . Holotype ♀ labelled 'Persia merid. 1862-63 coll. G. Doria' [manuscript] / Chalcis rufigaster Ms.  ♂ typus Kerman 1863 - G. Doria' [manuscript, in Masi's handwriting] / = Br. albicrus (Klug)  riveduto l'es tipo il 17-iii-1952 [in Masi's handwriting] det. L. Masi' (in MCSN).

Comment. As seen from the labelling of the type of Chalcis rufigaster, Masi  himself discovered the synonymy with B. albicrus  but never published it. Lotfalizadeh et al. (2012) quoted the species under Masi's name as GD had not yet examined the relevant types.