Lasiochalcidia igiliensis, (Masi, 1916),

Falahatpisheh, Ali, Fallahzadeh, Majid, Dousti, Abu Fazel & Delvare, Gérard, 2018, Review of Iranian Chalcididae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) with nomenclatural notes, Zootaxa 4394 (2), pp. 251-269: 260

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Lasiochalcidia igiliensis


Lasichalcidia igiliensis (Masi, 1916)  stat. resurr.

Euchalcis igiliensis MASI  , 1916: 110–112. ORIgINAL DESCRIpTION. ITALY: GIgLIO. Lasiochalcidia igiliensis  ( MASI)  : MASI, 1929: 209; BOUčEk, 1956: 245. LEbANON. =? Lasiochalcidia cincticornis  (WALkER): BOUčEk, 1956: 245. 

Type material. Holotype ♀ (in MCSN). Other material examined from Italy and southern France.

Comment. Euchalcis igiliensis Masi (1916)  was erroneously synonymized with L. pubescens  by Steffan (1966). The examination of the types of both species by GD showed that they belong to two different, although very close, species. The type of C. pubescens  is a male while that of L. igiliensis  is a female but the examination of pairs of specimens belonging to each species and collected in the same time and conditions allowed us to associate the two sexes. The upper surface of the antennal scrobes is smooth in the female of L. pubescens  versus transversely strigose in that of L. igiliensis  ; the mesoscutellum of L. pubescens  is densely punctured versus less densely but more coarsely so in L. igiliensis  . That species seems to be absent from the Eastern Mediterranean Basin.


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