Ptychocroca wilkinsoni (Butler)

Brown, John W. & Razowski, Józef, 2003, Description of Ptychocroca, a new genus from Chile and Argentina, with comments on the Bonagota Razowski group of genera (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Euliini), Zootaxa 303, pp. 1-31: 12-13

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Ptychocroca wilkinsoni (Butler)

new combination

Ptychocroca wilkinsoni (Butler)   , new combination

Diagnosis. In general facies, the holotype of P. wilkinsoni   ( BMNH) looks most like P. nigropenicillia   , however, it has a slightly greater forewing length. The identity of P. wilkinsoni   is enigmatic because the holotype lacks the abdomen and the hindwings are in poor condition.

Redescription. Male forewing without tuft of erect scales near base of costa. Male hindwing without hairpencil in fold of vein CuP. Male genitalia unknown (abdomen missing). Female genitalia unknown.

Holotype ɗ, Chile, Valparaiso, Nov–Dec 1881, T. Edmondo ( BMNH).

Remarks. Based entirely on external features, Brown (1989) transferred this species provisionally to Bonagota   , where it remained ( Powell et al. 1995, Razowski 1999 c, Razowski and Becker 2000); however, Bonagota   , Apotomops   , and Ptychocroca   are extremely similar in facies. Because the hindwing of the single specimen (holotype) is slightly damaged, the presence of male secondary characters is not clear. It is possible that this species is conspecific with one of the species of Ptychocroca   we describe above; however, we have no evidence of which one. Although P. s i m p l e x has the same type locality as P. wilkinsoni   (Valparaiso, Chile), the former has a conspicuous tuft of erect scales on the costa of the forewing which is lacking in P. w i l k i n s o n i. Alternatively, P. wilkinsoni   may belong in Bonagota   . Because we have seen no specimens of the latter genus from Chile where Ptychocroca   is widespread and abundant, we suspect that P. wilkinsoni   is placed more appropriately in Ptychocroca   .