Austrocarabodes picturatus, Mahunka, S., 1987

Mahunka, S., 1987, A survey of the family Carabodidae C. L. Koch, 1836 (Acari: Oribatida), II, Acta Zoologica Hungarica 33, pp. 399-434 : 411-413

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Austrocarabodes picturatus

sp. n.

Austrocarabodes picturatus sp. n.

Measurements. - Length: 533-991 µm, width: 311-353 µm.

Prodorsum: Lamellar cuspis well observable, lamellar setae phylliform, originating near to it. Rostral setae much thinner but longer than the preceding ones, originating near to lamellar cuspis (Fig. 22). Interlamellar setae phylliform, directed outwards. Sensillus uncate, well barbed. Prodorsal surface mostly smooth, but four groups of light spots arranged in two pairs observable.

Notogaster: Dorsosejugal region enclosed by a chitinous crest (Fig. 18), anterior surface with tubercles and ribs. Notogastral surface mostly smooth but some ribs laterally and some weak foveolae posteriorly also visible. Fourteen pairs of phylliform notogastral setae with a strong median vein present, their surface smooth.

Gnathosoma: Anterior margin of the mentum with a characteristic formation resembüng eaves, which cover the insertion points of setae h (Fig. 23).

Coxisternal region: Surface ornamented with scattered foveolae. Epimeres well framed by borders, epimeres 1 not meeting medially (Fig. 19). Setae 1a, 1c, 2a and 3a minute, all others long but thin.

Anogenital region: Two hollows on either side and some chitinous laths laterally present. Surface smooth. Lyrifissures iad well visible. Adanal setae phylliform, ad3 placed in preanal position.

Legs: All setae u of tarsi characteristically dilate and incised distally (Fig. 24). Setae V of genua I and II phylliform, large (Figs 20-21).

Type-material: Holotypus ( 1181-HO-87 ): Kenya: No. 11: Ukunda, between the shore and main road   GoogleMaps , 17. IX. 1985. - Berlese-, Nematoda- and Tardigrada-samples from thin litter and humus of bushes. Stony soil; leg. S. Mahunka and L. Mahunka-Papp. 8 paratypes: from the same sample   GoogleMaps . 6 paratypes: Kenya No. 1: Ukunda, sea shore   GoogleMaps . 16. IX. 1985. - Berlese-, Nematoda- and Tardigrada-samples from decaying debris and litter, accumulated at base of baobab trees. Sandy soil. Leg. S. Mahunka and L. Mahunka-Papp. 2 paratypes: Kenya No. 2: Ukunda, sea shore   GoogleMaps , 16. IX. 1985. - Berlese-, Nematoda-, and Tardigrada-samples from digging out roots of grassy Vegetation, near to sea shore. Leg. S. Mahunka and L. Mahunka-Papp. Holotype and 14 paratypes ( 1181-PO-87 ) deposited in the HNHM, 2 paratypes in the MHNG and 1 paratype.

Remarks: The new species is distinguished from all heretofore known Austrocarabodes Hammer, 1966 species by its dorsosejugal crest and by the form of setae u on tarsi.


Hungary, Budapest, Hungarian Natural History Museum


Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle