Ceratalictus Moure, 1943

ENGEL, MICHAEL S., 2000, Classification Of The Bee Tribe Augochlorini (Hymenoptera: Halictidae), Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2000 (250), pp. 1-89 : 37

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https://doi.org/ 10.1206/0003-0090(2000)250<0001:COTBTA>2.0.CO;2

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Ceratalictus Moure


Genus Ceratalictus Moure

Ceratalictus Moure, 1943a: 463 . Type species: Oxystoglossa theia Schrottky, 1911 [= Augochlora clonia Brèthes, 1909 ], original designation.

Ceratilictus Roubik, 1989: 392. Lapsus calami.

DIAGNOSIS: This genus is most similar to Augochlorella and it may be prudent in the future to consider Ceratalictus a junior synonym of the former. Ceratalictus can be separated from Augochlorella by the obtuse epistomal sulcus and the obsolescent anterior border of the basitibial plate.

DESCRIPTION: Female. Mandible with moderately developed subapical tooth. Labral distal process narrowly triangular; basal elevation orbicular; teeth weak. Prementum not greatly elongate. Galeal apex rounded; galeal comb absent; galeal base extending to base of stipes. Hypostomal ridge carinate; anterior angle rounded. Length of malar space less than basal mandibular width. Epistomal sulcus obtuse. Ocelli not greatly enlarged; ocellar furrow absent. Vertex not expanded or ridged behind ocelli. Preoccipital ridge carinate. Pronotal lateral angle produced, acute; dorsal ridge carinate; lateral ridge angled. Mesoscutal anterior border rounded; mesoscutal lip rounded. Tegula oval. Anterior basitarsal brush present. Basitibial plate bordered posteriorly, margin obsolete anteriorly. Inner hind tibial spur serrate. Apex of marginal cell acute. Distal hamuli with irregular spacing pattern. Basal area of propodeum striate; propodeal pit narrow. Male. Mandible simple. Labrum with distal process; basal area not notched. Antennae extending back to scutellum; F1 about as long as F2. Inner hind tibial spur serrate. Metasoma oval. Apical margins of S4 and S5 unmodified. Apical margin of S6 emarginate Apical margin of S7 unmodified. Apical margin of S8 with median process; spiculum narrow. Proctiger unmodified. Gonobasal bridge narrow; dorsal lobes strong. Parapenial lobe present; basal process of gonostylus present; ventral process divided. Ventral surface of penis valve with prong.

REVISIONS: The genus has not been revised. At present there are six recognized species (Moure and Hurd, 1987; Moure 1999). Moure (1999) recently synonymized the type species, Ceratalictus theius (Schrottky) , with C. clonius (Brèthes) .

DISTRIBUTION: The genus occurs in southern Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and southeastern Peru.