Kaliella scandens (Cox, 1871)

Vermeulen, Jaap J., Liew, Thor-Seng & Schilthuizen, Menno, 2015, Additions to the knowledge of the land snails of Sabah (Malaysia, Borneo), including 48 new species, ZooKeys 531, pp. 1-139: 84-87

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Kaliella scandens (Cox, 1871)


Taxon classification Animalia Stylommatophora Euconulidae

Kaliella scandens (Cox, 1871)   Figure 72

Helix scandens   Cox, 1871: 645. Liardetia scandens   (Cox) Solem, 1988: 550. Kaliella scandens   (Cox) Schilthuizen et al., 2002: 256; Schilthuizen 2004: 94; Clements et al. 2008: 2762; Schilthuizen et al. 2011: 5; Schilthuizen et al. 2013: online supplementary data. Liardetia scandens   (Cox) Schilthuizen et al. 2002b: 37, 41-42; Schilthuizen and Vermeulen 2003: 96. Type from Australia, New South Wales, Port Macquarie.

Kaliella indifferens   Boettger, 1891: 256. Liardetia indifferens   (Boettger) Van Benthem Jutting, 1950: 408. Type from Indonesia, Ambon.

Sitala dulcis   E.A. Smith, 1895: 111. Type from Malaysia, Sabah, Gomantong Hill.

Examined material from Sabah.

Interior Province. Crocker Range N.P., Gua Laing c. 12 km North of Keningau (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 1098; leg. M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 858); West of the km 10 marker on the road Tambunan-Ranau, Mahua Waterfall (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & M. Schilthuizen, V 9748; leg. J. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 870). Gunung Trusmadi slopes, Gua Loloposon (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 13239). Pinangah valley, Batu Urun (= Bukit Sinobang) (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 1155; leg. M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 868). Pun Batu c. 30 km West of Sepulut (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 1283). Sepulut valley, Batu Punggul (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 1983; leg. M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 867); Bukit Tinagas, East end of Batu Punggul limestone (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & M. Schilthuizen, V 7634); Gua Pungiton (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & M. Schilthuizen, V 7557). Kudat Province. Kampong Magnin (leg. T.S. Liew & M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 4362); Balambangan Island, Kok Simpul (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & M. Schilthuizen, V 9927, BOR/MOL 2396); South end, Batu Sireh (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & M. Schilthuizen, V 9549; leg. T.H. Liew, Sazilin & Ramlan, BOR/MOL 3697). Banggi Island, South end (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 1430); Karakit Hill (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 1463). Sandakan Province. Kinabatangan valley, Batu Batangan (leg. M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 2410); Batu Keruak 2 near Sukau (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & M. Schilthuizen, V 9799, BOR/MOL 2405; leg. M. Salverda & H. van Oosten, BOR/MOL 2398, BOR/MOL 2402); Batu Mawas (leg. M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 2407; leg. T.S. Liew & M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 1962, BOR/MOL 1998); Batu Materis (leg. T.S. Liew & B. Elahan, BOR/MOL 2118); Batu Pangi (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & M. Schilthuizen, V 9663); Batu Tai (not Bod Tai) near Gomantong (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & M. Schilthuizen, V 9578); Bod Tai (leg. M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 2399; leg. T.S. Liew & B. Elahan, BOR/MOL 1920); Batu Tomanggong Besar (leg. M. Salverda & H. van Oosten, BOR/MOL 2400; leg. T.S. Liew & B. Elahan, BOR/MOL 2645; leg. M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 2409, BOR/MOL 862); Hill on Resang River (leg. M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 2408); Batu Tomanggong Kecil (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & M. Schilthuizen, V 9688, V 9926 BOR/MOL 2403; leg. T.S. Liew & B. Elahan, BOR/MOL 2031); Batu Tulug (Batu Putih) along road Lahad Datu-Sandakan, North of bridge over Kinabatangan River (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & H. Duistermaat, V 1496); Gomantong Hill 30 km South of Sandakan (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & H. Duistermaat, V 1632); Tandu Batu (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & M. Schilthuizen, V 9615); Unnamed hill near Sukau Police Station (leg. M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 2404; leg. T.S. Liew, BOR/MOL 2159; leg. T.S. Liew & B. Elahan, BOR/MOL 2192). Segama Valley, North end of limestone ridge on East bank Tabin River (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & M. Schilthuizen, V 7784, BOR/MOL 859; leg. T. Kimsin & H.N. Chai, BOR/MOL 854; leg. J.J. Vermeulen, BOR/MOL 855; leg. M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 856). Tawau Province. Batu Baturong c. 50 km W.S.W. of Lahad Datu (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & H. Duistermaat, V 1864); North slope (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 7601). Gua Madai c. 40 km S.S.W. of Lahad Datu (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & H. Duistermaat, V 1729; leg. M. Schilthuizen & A.S. Cabanban, BOR/MOL 3575); N.E. end (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 7707). Segama valley, hill N.W. of crossing road Sandakan-Lahad Datu with the Segama River (leg. J.J. Vermeulen & H. Duistermaat, V 1689); ‘Kirk’s Cave’ 8 km North of Lahad Datu (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 1225); limestone hill on North bank Segama River, near bridge of road Sandakan to Lahad Datu (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 7515); Sabahmas Cave (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 7467); Danum Valley (leg. M. Schilthuizen, BOR/MOL 860, BOR/MOL 864; leg. UMS students, BOR/MOL 863). Semporna area, Bukit Tenggorak (leg. M. Schilthuizen & A.S. Cabanban, BOR/MOL 3562); Bohey Dulang Island (leg. M. Schilthuizen & A.S. Cabanban, BOR/MOL 3529; leg. T.S. Liew & M. Ruf, BOR/MOL 4713); Bod Gaya Island (leg. T.S. Liew, Abdul & Ladja, BOR/MOL 4725, BOR/MOL 4808, BOR/MOL 4821,/MOL 4939); Selakan Island (leg. T.S. Liew, BOR/MOL 5333; leg. T.S. Liew, BOR/MOL 5344). West Coast Province. Kinabalu N.P., Poring Hot Springs, along path to waterfall (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 13016; leg. M. Schilthuizen & P. Koomen, BOR/MOL 869); Orchid Garden (leg. J.J. Vermeulen, V 13027). Mantanani Group, Pulau Mantanani Besar (leg. M. Schilthuizen, V 9840; leg. T.H. Liew, BOR/MOL 3710); Pulau Mantanani Kecil (leg. M. Schilthuizen, V 9855; leg. T.H. Liew, BOR/MOL 3737). Kota Kinabalu, Kiansom (leg. UMS Tropical Malacology Course participants, BOR/MOL 3469).


Shell small, rather thin, somewhat translucent, (pale) brown, sometimes white, rather low-conical with flat to slightly convex sides; apex rounded. Surface with a silky luster. Whorls moderately convex, last whorl rounded at the periphery (somewhat angular in juveniles), rounded above and below the periphery. Protoconch whorls convex, with numerous fine, rather densely placed radial riblets; spiral sculpture subordinate or approx. equally distinct, very fine (just visible at 40 times magnification), densely placed grooves. Teleoconch: above the periphery with fine, slightly spaced, nar row spiral grooves cutting into the crests of the radial riblets and subordinate to these; below the periphery slightly coarser and slightly more spaced spiral grooves. Radial sculpture: above the periphery fine, densely and regularly placed riblets; below the periphery with a few irregularly spaced, inconspicuous growth lines only. Umbilicus open, very narrow. Dimensions: Height up to 2.8 mm; width up to 3.65 mm; diameters of the first four whorls 0.6-0.7 mm, 1.05-1.30 mm, 1.6-1.9(-2.0) mm, 2.25-2.70(-3.0 mm) respectively; number of whorls up to c. 5 1/2; height aperture up to 0.7 mm; width aperture up to 1.2 mm. Radula: central 3-cuspid; laterals 3-cuspid; marginals 3-5 cuspid.

Habitat in Sabah and distribution.

Primary and secondary forest, coastal forest, at 0-1000 m alt, elsewhere to 2000 m alt. Sabah: widespread. Also in Sarawak; Kalimantan. Distribution elsewhere: Vietnam; Thailand; Peninsular Malaysia to Java; Eastwards to Australia, Pacific.


Samples from montane environments (e.g. Poring Hot Springs, V 13027 may include shells with a more loosely coiled spire than usual (diameter of the fourth whorl up to 3.0 mm; in other specimens 2.25-2.70 mm). In this character the shells approach Kaliella dendrobates   , but the sculpture is typical for Kaliella scandens   .

Information on the radula is from Rensch (1932). No Sabah material included in Kaliella scandens   has been checked for radula characters.