Belostoma triangulum, Lauck, 1964

Stefanello, Fabiano, Ribeiro, José Ricardo Inacio & Estévez, Ana Lia, 2021, Revision of the Belostoma triangulum group (Insecta: Heteroptera: Belostomatidae), Zootaxa 4958 (1), pp. 95-102: 96

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Belostoma triangulum


Belostoma triangulum   group Lauck, 1964

Diagnosis. This group is recognized by the following combination of characters: body broad; interocular space wide, almost two times the width of an eye, eyes globose and poorly developed; article II of the labium as long as article III; prosternal keel triangular, apex pointed; membrane of hemelytra reduced, as wide as the maximum width of clavus; pilosity covering about half of connexivum constricted between spiracles, not covering sternites; phallosoma with diverticulum not strongly curved ventrally; dorsal arms of phallosoma long, covering lateral margins of the diverticulum; diverticulum without dorsal caudal protuberance (in dorsal and lateral views).