Phagicola angrense

Scholz, T., Aguirre-Macedo, M. L. & Salgado-Maldonado, G., 2001, Trematodes of the family Heterophyidae (Digenea) in Mexico: a review of species and new host and geographical records, Journal of Natural History 35 (12), pp. 1733-1772: 1766

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Phagicola angrense


Phagicola angrense   of diOEerent authors (see below), nec Travassos, 1916

As demonstrate d by Scholz et al. (1997a), metacercariae from the internal organs of cichlid ®sh from southeastern Mexico had been misidenti®ed as Phagicola angrense (Travassos, 1916)   (5 Ascocotyle (Phagicola) angrense Travassos, 1916   ) by Salgado- Maldonado and Aguirre-Macedo (1991), JimeÂnez-GarcõÂa (1993), and Aguirre- Macedo and GarcõÂa-MaganÄa (1994). Ascocotyle (P.) angrense   is characterized by the presence of 181 2 circumoral spines (versus 161 4 in A. (P.) nana   ) and its metacercariae encyst exclusively in the gills of the atheriniform ®sh Phalloceros caudimaculatus   (Ostrowski de NuÂnÄez, 1993). To date, A. (P.) angrense   has not been found in Mexico and its distribution may be limited to South America.