Gnathymenus bellavistae IRMLER , 2015, IRMLER, 2015

Assing, Volker, 2015, New species and additional records of Dolicaonina from Ecuador (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae), Linzer biologische Beiträge 47 (2), pp. 1119-1132: 1130

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Gnathymenus bellavistae IRMLER , 2015


Gnathymenus bellavistae IRMLER, 2015   ( Figs 38-42 View Figs 38-42 )

M a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d: Ecuador: 13, Pichincha, 0°02'S, 78°41'W, 2300 m, 1.-14.XI.2013, leg. Brachat (cAss).

C o m m e n t: The original description of this very recently described species is based on a unique male from " Pichincha Prov. Bellavista Reserve nr. Nanegalito (78°49.47'W, 0°00.37'N " ( IRMLER 2015). The external and sexual characters of the above male, which was collected by sifting sifting leaf litter in a cloud forest (BRACHAT pers. comm.), are illustrated in Figs 38-42 View Figs 38-42 .