Setopagis parvula (Gould, 1837)

Fernandez, Juan Manuel, Thomann, Luz, Fandiño, Blas, Cajade, Rodrigo & Hernando, Alejandra, 2021, An annotated checklist of birds of Paraje Tres Cerros, Corrientes province, Argentina, Check List 17 (2), pp. 415-443: 430

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Setopagis parvula (Gould, 1837)


Setopagis parvula (Gould, 1837)  

Figure 6D

New records. ARGENTINA • 1 (sex: unknown); Corrientes, La Cruz, Paraje Tres Cerros; 29°06′34′′S, 056°55′ 49′′W. We recorded an individual during the morning, perched on a rock in Cerro Nazareno GoogleMaps   .

Identification. Little nightjar. It was identified by its conspicuous rufous collar on the sides and back of the neck. It has a thin, white stripe from the base of the bill through the cheeks and white throat patch.

Hydropsalis torquata (Gmelin, 1789)  

Observations. ARGENTINA • 1♀ 3♂; Corrientes, La Cruz, Paraje Tres Cerros; 29°06′27′′S, 056°55′56′′W. Identified in flight GoogleMaps   .

Identification. Tail very long, deeply forked.


Chlorostilbon lucidus (D’Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838)  

Observations. ARGENTINA • 4♀ 2♂; Corrientes, La Cruz, Paraje Tres Cerros; 29°06′34′′S, 056°56′06′′W. Common in the study site. One individual recorded eating insects in flight GoogleMaps   .

Identification. Male mainly green, with bluish breast. Female gray below.