Stolarskicyathus, Cairns, 2004

Cairns, S. D., 2004, The Azooxanthellate Scleractinia (Coelenterata: Anthozoa) of Australia, Records of the Australian Museum 56, pp. 259-329 : 310

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gen. nov.

Stolarskicyathus View in CoL n.gen.

Gen. n. A Stolarski, 1996: 350, 362–364, figs 6, 11.

Diagnosis. Corallum conical (ceratoid) and firmly attached through a narrow pedicel (no secondary attachments or transverse division). Epitheca transversely corrugated, rising above the outer septal edges as a smooth, prominent thecal rim. Septa in 3 cycles; paliform lobes absent; columella labyrinthiform.

Discussion. Stolarskicyathus differs from the only other Recent gardineriid genus, Gardineria , in lacking paliform lobes and in lacking secondary pedicel attachments.

Type species. Stolarskicyathus pocilliformis View in CoL .

Etymology. Named in honour of Jarosĺaw (Jarek) Stolarski, for his pioneering work with scleractinian microstructure, especially with the fossil and lesser derived Recent forms. Gender: masculine.

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