Loricariichthys anus ( Valenciennes, 1836 ),

Bertora, Andrea, Grosman, Fabián, Sanzano, Pablo & Rosso, Juan J., 2018, Fish fauna from the Langueyú basin, Argentina: a prairie stream in a heavily modified landscape, Check List 14 (2), pp. 461-470: 467

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http://doi.org/ 10.15560/14.2.461

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Loricariichthys anus ( Valenciennes, 1836 )


Loricariichthys anus ( Valenciennes, 1836) 

Loricaria anus Valenciennes 1835  : pl. 6.

Material examined. Table 2, Figure 3N

Head triangular; tip of snout rounded in dorsal view. Dorsal margin of orbit slightly elevated; postorbital notch well developed. Lateral profile of snout between its tip and orbits, straight. Abdominal plates, between thoracic plates, irregularly arranged in 2 rows; anteriormost abdominal plates smaller and more numerous than posterior ones. Midventral plate series with 33–37 plates. Preanal plate bordered anteriorly by 2 to 4 plates. Upper caudal fin longer than lower one.