Martin, Gavin J., Stanger-Hall, Kathrin F., Branham, Marc A., Da Silveira, Luiz F. L., Lower, Sarah E., Hall, David W., Li, Xue-Yan, Lemmon, Alan R., Lemmon, Emily Moriarty & Bybee, Seth M., 2019, Higher-Level Phylogeny and Reclassification of Lampyridae (Coleoptera: Elateroidea), Insect Systematics and Diversity (AIFB) 3 (6), No. 11, pp. 1-15 : 8

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McDermott (1964) recognized the Amydetini as a tribe within the Lampyrinae based on the mandibles being ‘normal, arcuate, regularly narrowing to tips’, antennae bearing rami or branches, and lack of secondary elytral pubescence of the males. To further classify the rather heterogenous group of genera included in the Amydetini , McDermott (1964) recognized three subtribes based on variation in antennal morphology: Amydetina (‘Antennae with more than 14 articles, uniramose’), Vestina (‘Antennae with 11 articles, Antennae uniramose, rami remiform, relatively broad, folding like a fan’), and Psilocladina (‘Antennae with 11 articles, Antennae bi-or uniramose, rami either long and diffuse, or if short and straight, not fan-folding’). In his 1966 update to the classification, McDermott elevated the Amydetini to the subfamily level. Nakane (1991) reduced the Amydetinae to Amydetes Hoffmannsegg in Illiger and Magnoculus McDermott ; however, Silveira and Mermudes (2013) described the new genus Memoan Silveira and Mermudes and, based on it having features of both the Amydetinae and the Lampyrinae , placed it in Lampyridae incertae sedis.

Owing to the phylogenetic position of Memoan as sister to Amydetes , and the morphological features shared by Memoan with other taxa within the Amydetinae (as identified by Silveira and Mermudes, 2013), including a ‘continuous glow, pleuralventral suture, ventral approximate eyes, deep punctures on pronotum and scutellum, and absence of tibial spurs’, we formally transfer Memoan to the Amydetinae , thus the Amydetinae now include Amydetes , Magnoculus , and Memoan .

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