Signiphora Ashmead, 1880

Woolley, J. B. & Dal Molin, A., 2017, Taxonomic revision of the flavopalliata species group of Signiphora (Hymenoptera: Signiphoridae), Zootaxa 4315 (1), pp. 1-150 : 8

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Signiphora Ashmead, 1880


Signiphora Ashmead, 1880

Signiphora Ashmead, 1880: 30 . Type-species: Signiphora flavopalliata Ashmead by monotypy. Signiphora (Signiphorella) Mercet, 1916: 523 . Type-species: Signiphora merceti Malenotti by original designation. Kerrichiella Rozanov, 1965: 513 . Type-species: Thysanus coleoptratus Kerrich , designated by International Commission on

Zoological Nomenclature, Opinion 1143 (ICZN 1979). Synonymy by Woolley (1988).

Rozanoviella Subba Rao, 1974: 526 . Type-species: Signiphora polistomyiella Richards by original designation. Synonymy by Woolley (1988).

Diagnosis. Coloration of head and body highly variable, ranging from entirely pale yellow to entirely black or dark brown. Head in dorsal view with occipital margin acute, hemispherical or lenticular. Face with scrobal impressions present, their lateral margins forming a right or an acute triangle, the impressions usually congruent dorsally. Mandible commonly bidentate, but also bidentate with a dorsal truncation or tridentate. Antenna with 4–7 antennomeres. Most species with 3 anelli in both sexes, a few species with 1 or 2 anelli, and one group with 4 anelli in females and 3 in males. Mesoscutum with 2–30 or with 85–100 setae. Scutellum generally with 2 campaniform sensilla and with 4–12 or with 28–40 setae. Propodeum with medial sclerite with posterior lamelliform process, although this process is sometimes short and difficult to see. Mt1 shape variable, from transverse to strongly bilobed with medial portion transverse. Fore wing submarginal vein with 1 or 2 setae; marginal vein with varying number of dorsal setae, generally with at least setae M3, M4, M5 and M6 present, most commonly with 6 dorsal setae (M1–M6); discal seta present or absent. Hind wing varying in shape from parallel-sided to broadly rounded, discal seta present or absent; marginal vein with 1 or 2 dorsal setae. Protibia calcar with comb of fine setae on medial surface. Mesotibia obconic to very strongly obconic with long dorsal spines. Mesotibial spur with 4–15 teeth. Mesofemur with 1 or 2 long spines. Male genitalia with or without medial denticles; digitus with 1 denticle at apex or occasionally slightly proximal to apex. Male Ms7 varying in size and shape, ranging from narrowly transverse to broadly triangular or broadly crescent-shaped; in both sexes Mt8 and apparent Mt9 (the “epiproct”) forming two separate sclerites.












Signiphora Ashmead, 1880

Woolley, J. B. & Dal Molin, A. 2017


Subba 1974: 526


Rozanov 1965: 513
Mercet 1916: 523
Ashmead 1880: 30