Signiphora flavella subsp. flavopalliata

Woolley, J. B. & Dal Molin, A., 2017, Taxonomic revision of the flavopalliata species group of Signiphora (Hymenoptera: Signiphoridae), Zootaxa 4315 (1), pp. 1-150 : 9

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4315.1.1

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Signiphora flavella subsp. flavopalliata


The flavopalliata View in CoL species group

Diagnosis. Length (pronotum to epiproct) 0.29–0.83 mm. Female and male antenna with 3 anelli. Mandibles bidentate, bidentate with a dorsal truncation, or tridentate. Mandibular ducts usually enlarged apically (parallelsided in S. maculata ). Mesoscutum with 2 setae (rarely 4) and scutellum with 3–9 setae. Propodeum with medial sclerite with lamelliform process 1/4–1/2× length of medial sclerite. Fore wing submarginal vein with 1 seta, marginal vein with 4–6 dorsal setae (rarely 3). Fore wing with or without discal seta. Species with a discal seta in fore wing usually bear 1 or 2 ventral setae on marginal vein. In a few species, fore wing infuscated from wing base to distal end of stigmal vein or beyond, with two hyaline areas—one under proximal half of submarginal vein, the other along posterior wing margin extending to seta M1 or M2 of marginal vein. Hind wing with parallel margins and without a discal seta. Hind wing marginal vein with 2 dorsal setae, one in proximal 1/4 and one in the distal 1/ 4 near posterior margin of the vein. Mesofemur with 1 long spine and 1 very short spine distal to the long spine. Mesotibia obconic but not strongly so, with widest part (at insertion of distal-most long spine) in distal 2/3–3/4. Mesotibial spur more or less straight and with 3–8 teeth. Male genitalia without medial denticles at apex of phallobase. Male Ms7 posteromedial margin transverse, without a medial emargination or incision. Male Ms8 shape varying from narrowly transverse to broadly triangular.













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