Neriene macella ( Thorell, 1898 )

Li, Jian Yong, Liu, Jie & Chen, Jian, 2018, A review of some Neriene spiders (Araneae, Linyphiidae) from China, Zootaxa 4513 (1), pp. 1-90 : 57

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Neriene macella ( Thorell, 1898 )


Neriene macella ( Thorell, 1898)

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Linyphia macella Thorell, 1898: 319 (Dm) . Linyphia multidens Thorell, 1898: 321 (Df) . Linyphia passercula Simon, 1901k : 54 (Dm). Neriene macella van Helsdingen, 1969: 186 , f. 257–262 (Tm from Linyphia, Sf ); Locket, 1982: 383, f. 106–111 (mf); Chen, Li

& Zhao, 1995: 137, f. 1–10 (mf); Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999: 194, f. 111C–D, K–L (mf); Tanasevitch, 2014b: 85, f. 66–74


Material examined. Hainan: GoogleMaps Ledong County, Jianfeng Town, Jianfengling Mountain National forest   GoogleMaps Park   GoogleMaps , 18.73°N, 108.91E, 1169m, 6–7.viii.2007, F.X. Liu leg., 15FF (CBEE); Hainan: Ledong County, Jianfeng Town, Jianfengling Mountain National forest Park , 18.73°N, 108.91°E, 1169m, 12–, H. Yu leg., 9MM and 40FF ( CBEE) GoogleMaps ; Hainan: Ledong County, Jianfeng Town, Jianfengling Mountain National forest Park , 18.73°N, 108.91E, 1169m, 25–26.x.2009, H. Yu leg., 1M and 1F ( CBEE) GoogleMaps ; Hainan: Yinggeling Mountain National Nature Reserve , 18.85°N, 109.34E, 1451m,, H. Yu leg., 1F ( CBEE) GoogleMaps ; Hainan: Bawangling Mountain National Nature Reserve , 19.13°N, 109.10°E, 780m, 4–, H. Yu leg., 5FF ( CBEE) GoogleMaps ; Hainan: Diaoluo Mountain National Nature Reserve , 31.11°N, 115.73E, 405m,, H. Yu leg., 4FF ( CBEE) GoogleMaps .

Diagnosis: This species is similar to Neriene sundaica (Simon, 1905) and Neriene beccarii (Thorell, 1890) in having simple paracymbium with only a narrow tapering appendage, the embolus with two spermduct-teeth, the similar vulva, but can be distinguished from N. beccarii by the following characters: 1, the last coil of terminal apophysis nearly parallel with second coil in N. beccarii , but not in N. macella ; 2, the turning points and spermathecae located medially and anteriorly in N. beccarii , but laterally and anteriorly in N. macella . According to Van Helsdingen (1969), this species is difficult to be distinguished from N. sundaica by the genital structures, mainly identified by the geography data, the genital and body size. So we identified this species as N. macella by the following reasons: 1, N. macella was recorded from Burma and the Malay Peninsula, N. sundaica from Java and Lombok, a typical island endemic species. So we think the specimens of this species from China should be identified as N. macella ; 2, the length of the terminal apophysis of our specimens (from posterior surface of first saucerlike winding to the tip of the element) about 0.28–0.32mm (0.34mm in N. macella ; 0.39–0.42mm in N. sundaica ), the length of atrium opening about 0.45–0.52mm (0.5–0.53mm in N. macella ; 0.64–0.68mm in N. sundaica ) ( Figs 44–45 View FIGURE 44 View FIGURE 45 , 46 View FIGURE 46 C–F).

Description: See Van Helsdingen (1969).

Distribution: China (Hunan, Yunnan, Hainan), Burma, Thailand ( Fig. 69 View FIGURE 69 ).














Neriene macella ( Thorell, 1898 )

Li, Jian Yong, Liu, Jie & Chen, Jian 2018

Linyphia macella

Helsdingen, P. J. van 1969: 186
Simon, E. 1901: 54
Thorell, T. 1898: 319
Thorell, T. 1898: 321