Neriene nitens Chen & Zhu, 1991

Li, Jian Yong, Liu, Jie & Chen, Jian, 2018, A review of some Neriene spiders (Araneae, Linyphiidae) from China, Zootaxa 4513 (1), pp. 1-90 : 57-58

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Neriene nitens Chen & Zhu, 1991


Neriene nitens Chen & Zhu, 1991

Figs 47–49 View FIGURE 47 View FIGURE 48 View FIGURE 49 , 68 View FIGURE 68 E–F, 69

Neriene nitens Zhu & Chen, in Chen & Zhang, 1991: 167 , f. 166.1–9 (mf; N.B.: species attributed to Zhu & Chen, 1988, but no such description published); Chen & Zhu, 1992: 418, f. 1–15 (mf); Song, Zhu & Li, 1993: 866, f. 26A–G (mf); Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999: 194, f. 111E–F, M–N (mf); Zhu & Zhang, 2011: 143, f. 93A–D (mf); Yin et al., 2012: 534, f. 253a–j (mf).

Material examined. Jilin: GoogleMaps Changbaishan Nature Reserve   GoogleMaps , 42.11°N, 128.09°E, 2721m, 26.vii.1987, J.C. Gao and J. Chen leg., 2MM (CBEE); Hunan: Changsha City, Yuele Mt. , 28.18°N, 112.94°E, 113m, to 3.vii.1990 GoogleMaps ,

collector unknown, 4FF; Hubei: Yichang City, Wufeng County, 30.21°N, 110.68°E, 662m, 13.ix.2006, J. Chen leg., 1F (CBEE); Hubei: Luotian County, Tiantangzai national forest Park , 31.11°N, 115.73°E, 946m, 20.vii. to 29.ix.2009, X. Xu & H.J. Xie leg., 45MM and 41FF ( CBEE) GoogleMaps .

Diagnosis: See the diagnosis under N. compta .

Description: The measurements see Chen & Zhu (1992). Male palp ( Figs 48 View FIGURE 48 ): Tibia slightly shorter than cymbium. Paracymbium long, slender, U-shaped, with distal arm curved upwardly. Distal suprategular apophysis slender, distally bifurcate, dorsal part with narrow hooked tip, ventral part membranous, significantly broader than dorsal part. Lamella well-developed, with four projections: lateral one long, slender and tapering; posterior one long and slender; anterior one large, blunt; dorsal one short. Terminal apophysis spiral, with about one coil. Embolus with short appendage distally of spermduct-tooth, appendage pigmented wholly with second tooth. Male habitus as in Fig. 49B View FIGURE 49 .

Epigynum ( Figs 47A View FIGURE 47 , 49C View FIGURE 49 ): In ventral view, atrium opening large, semicircular. Parmula arising from dorsal wall, with a semicircular tip, which has a small depression at its tip. Vulva ( Figs 47 View FIGURE 47 B–C, 49D–E): Vulva wider than long; copulatory grooves started mesally, with about one and a half coils; fertilization grooves enter the spermathecae, with about one and a half coils; turning-points long, slender, significantly curved, situated laterally, pointing towards mesally; spermathecae long, slender, also significantly curved, pointing towards laterally. Female habitus as in Fig. 49A View FIGURE 49 .

Distribution: China (Hubei, Anhui, Hunan, Jilin, Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Fujian) ( Fig. 69 View FIGURE 69 ).














Neriene nitens Chen & Zhu, 1991

Li, Jian Yong, Liu, Jie & Chen, Jian 2018

Neriene nitens

Zhu & Chen, in Chen & Zhang 1991: 167