Neriene lushanensis, Li & Liu & Chen, 2018

Li, Jian Yong, Liu, Jie & Chen, Jian, 2018, A review of some Neriene spiders (Araneae, Linyphiidae) from China, Zootaxa 4513 (1), pp. 1-90: 56-57

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Neriene lushanensis

new species

Neriene lushanensis   new species

Figs 42–43 View FIGURE 42 View FIGURE 43 , 69 View FIGURE 69

Type Materials. Holotype. Jiangxi: Jiujiang City, Mount Lu National Scenic Area , 29.57°N, 115.97E, 946m, 16.v.2008, X. Xu & H.J. Xie leg., 1 male ( CBEE). GoogleMaps  

Diagnosis: This new species is similar to N. cavaleriei   in having distal suprategular apophysis with hookshaped tip of dorsal arm and membranous ventral tip, spiral terminal apophysis, but can be distinguished from the latter by the paracymbium without apical appendage, the distal suprategular apophysis straight distally and the terminal apophysis with four and a half coils ( Figs 15 View FIGURE 15 A–C, 15E–F, 16, 42, 43B–G).

Description: Male: Total length: 3.9. Carapace: 1.9 long, 1.2 wide. Abdomen: 2 long, 0.95 wide. Carapace dark brown, unmodified. PME largest, AME smallest, ALE and PLE between PME and AME. AER recurved, AME-AME shorter than AMEd, AME-ALE longer than AMEd; PER forward recurved, PME-PME about PMEd, PME-PLE longer than PMEd; ALE and PLE juxtaposed. Chelicerae brown, furnished with small warty granulations anterolaterally, stridulatory ridges absent, promargin of fang furrow 2–3 teeth, retromargin five teeth, fourth and fifth bigger than others. Lengths of legs: I 11.55 (3+3.4+3.55+1.6), II 9.76 (2.8+2.9+2.96+1.1), III 6.36 (1.95+1.75+1.8+0.86), IV 8.52 (2.31+2.56+2.65+1). Tibia, patella and femur with two dorsal spines each. Tm I: 0.18. Tm IV absent. Abdomen cylindriform, without tubercle, gray with whitish spots laterally and dorsally ( Fig. 32A View FIGURE 32 ).

Male palp ( Figs 42 View FIGURE 42 , 43 View FIGURE 43 B–G): Patella short, with long spine dorsally. Tibia shorter than cymbium, with several long spines on lateral and ventral surfaces, and one prodorsal, two retrodorsal trichobothria. Paracymbium long, slender, U-shaped, with distal arm curved upwardly. Distal suprategular apophysis slender, distally bifurcate, dorsal part with narrow hooked tip, ventral part membranous, significantly broader than dorsal part, with indented margin distally. Lamella well-developed, with four projections: lateral one long, slightly broad, with a round end curved upwardly, and posterior one slightly long and broad; anterior one large, blunt, with round margin, and with a small apophysis ventrally; dorsal one short. Terminal apophysis long, spiral, with about four and a half coils. Embolus with long and slender appendage distally of spermduct-tooth, appendage pigmented at base next to tooth but without second tooth.

Female: Unknown.

Distribution: China (Jiangxi) ( Fig. 69 View FIGURE 69 ).