Neriene calozonata Chen & Zhu, 1989

Li, Jian Yong, Liu, Jie & Chen, Jian, 2018, A review of some Neriene spiders (Araneae, Linyphiidae) from China, Zootaxa 4513 (1), pp. 1-90: 16

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Neriene calozonata Chen & Zhu, 1989


Neriene calozonata Chen & Zhu, 1989  

Figs 13–14 View FIGURE 13 View FIGURE 14 , 69 View FIGURE 69

Neriene calozonata Chen & Zhu, 1989: 162   , f. 12–18 (Df); Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999: 193, f. 108I–J (f); Yin et al., 2012: 519, f. 243a–c (f).

Material examined. Hubei: GoogleMaps   Shennongjia Forestry District, Yanzidong Cave   GoogleMaps , 31.72°N, 110.47°E, 2000m, 7.viii.1986, J. Chen leg., 2FF (CBEE).

Diagnosis: This species is similar to Neriene compta Zhu & Sha, 1986   and Neriene nitens Chen & Zhu, 1991   in having the large atrium opening, similar copulatory grooves which have about one and a half coils, but can be distinguished from the latter two species by the following characters: both spermatheca and turning-point long, slender, significantly curved in N. compta   and N. nitens   , but just slightly long and curved in N. calozonata   ( Figs 13 View FIGURE 13 , 14 View FIGURE 14 B–C, 47A–C, 49C–E).

Description of female: The measurements see Chen & Zhu, 1989. Epigynum ( Figs 13A View FIGURE 13 , 14B View FIGURE 14 ): In ventral view, atrium opening large. Parmula arising from dorsal wall, semicircular with rounded tip, and with a small semicovered depression on its ventral surface. Vulva ( Figs 13B View FIGURE 13 , 14C View FIGURE 14 ): Vulva as long as wide; copulatory grooves started mesally, with about one and a half coils; fertilization grooves enter the spermathecae, with about one and a half coils; turning-points situated laterally, pointing towards mesally; spermathecae slender, pointing towards laterally. Female habitus as in Fig. 14A View FIGURE 14 .

Male: Unknown.

Distribution: China (Hubei) ( Fig. 69 View FIGURE 69 ).














Neriene calozonata Chen & Zhu, 1989

Li, Jian Yong, Liu, Jie & Chen, Jian 2018

Neriene calozonata

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