Crataegus pseudoheterophylla Pojark. subsp. turcomanica (Pojark.)

Dönmez, Ali A., 2014, Nomenclatural, taxonomic and biogeographic novelties in the Turkish Crataegus L. (Rosaceae-Maleae) taxa, Adansonia (3) 36 (2), pp. 245-253: 250

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Crataegus pseudoheterophylla Pojark. subsp. turcomanica (Pojark.)


Crataegus pseudoheterophylla Pojark. subsp. turcomanica (Pojark.)  

K.I.Christ. in Christensen, Revision of Crataegus sect. Crataegus   and Nothosect. Crataeguineae (Rosaceae- Maloideae   ) in the Old World, Systematic Botany Monographs 35: 98 (1992). — Crataegus turcomanica Pojark.   in Komarov, Flora of the U.S. S.R. 9: 507, fig. XXX.4 (1939). — Typus: former U.S. S.R. Turcomania: in montibus Kopet-dagh, in angustiis Czuli, 9.V.1911, Seismuratov s.n. (holo-, LE!; iso-, LE!; photo: HUB!).


PHENOLOGY. — Flowering in April-May, mature fruit in August to October.

DISTRIBUTION. — Turkomania (Kopet-Dagh) in Turkmenistan. On mountain slopes, steppe and hedges, roadsides, in scrub with Prunus   , Pyrus   , Paliurus   and Quercus   ; 500-1600 m.

SPECIMENS EXAMINED. — Turkey. Bolu, 10 km from Seben to Bolu, steppe, 1183 m, 18. V.2002, A. A   . Dönmez 10615 ( HUB). — Ankara, Beypazarı, Karagöl , around the lake, 1430 m, 25.VIII.2001, A. A   . Dönmez 10018 ( HUB); Nallıhan, 1 km from Adapazarı to Seben road junction, Paliurus   scrub, steppe, 710 m, 24.VIII.2001, A. A   . Dönmez 10002, 10003 ( HUB)   .


Crataegus pseudoheterophylla Pojark. subsp. turcomanica (Pojark.) K.I.Christ.   is a first record for the Turkish flora. It grows naturally in mountainous areas of central Anatolia. The examined individuals have plenty of mature fruits. According to the IUCN (2001) criteria, the Turkish population of the species has no threat for extinction. The species is represented by two subspecies and hence an identification key is given here.


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