Tarsostenodes leucogramma ELSTON , 1922, ELSTON, 1922

Opitz, Weston, G, Paratillus & B, Tarsostenodes, 2016, Classification, natural history, and evolution of Tarsosteninae (Coleoptera: Cleroidea: Cleridae). Part IV. Taxonomy of the Tarsostenodes complex of Australia, New Caledonia, New Guinea, and Tasmania, Linzer biologische Beiträge 48 (1), pp. 587-636: 608-609

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Tarsostenodes leucogramma ELSTON , 1922


Tarsostenodes leucogramma ELSTON, 1922   ( Figs 13 View Figs 2-21 , 32 View Figs 22-40 , 60, 80, 89)

Tarsostenodes leucogramma ELSTON, 1922: 316   . Holotype. Gender not known. ( Australia) Queensland: National Park (H. Hacker); New South Wales: Illawarra (W. du Boulay) (K 209301) (AMSA). CORPORAAL, 1950: 303. KOLIBÁČ, 2003: 47 (Photo 3 represents this species).

Paratypes: Four. Australia: Illawarra, N. S. W., W. du Boulay ( SAMA 1 View Materials ) (K 209302)   ; N.S. W. ( NBCN, 1)   ; National Park, Q ( QMBA, 2)   .

D i a g n o s i s Like in T. bullatus   specimens, the forebody is not black, but what distinguishes T. leucogramma   from T. bullatus   is that in the former there are no asetiferous punctations behind the posterior bullule.

D e s c r i p t i o n: Size: Length 5.5 mm; width 1.3 mm. Form: As in Fig. 60. Integument: Forebody testaceous, elytra tricolored, mostly black, basal fourth testaceous, except basal umbo black, with broad testaceous transverse fascia at middle that traverses the sutural margin, elytral disc with 3 white bullules, legs bicolored, mostly dark brown, femoral base yellow, first visible abdominal sternite yellow, remainder of abdomen dark brown. Head: Cranium shallowly punctate, subrugose, frons much wider than width of eye (FW/EW-35/15); antennal funicular antennomeres filiform, 9 th antennomere rectangular, 10 th triagonal, 11 th subacuminate ( Fig. 13 View Figs 2-21 ). Thorax: Pronotum oblong, with shallow tubercle at sides, constricted posteriorly ( Fig. 32 View Figs 22-40 ) (PL/PW-72/58), finely punctated, with a longitudinal glabrous plate, without tubercle at sides; elytral disc with shallow subbasal umbo, with anterior, epipleural, and posterior bullules, asetiferous punctations end in front of posterior bullule (EL/EW- 80/65); disc distinctly constricted and compressed at middle. Abdomen: Male pygidium not incised at middle of anterior margin; phallobase slightly sclerotized ventrally, lobes well developed, fimbriate, delineated basally by a transverse sclerotic line, phallobasic rod extended laterally, phallobasic struts contiguous with phallobasic apodeme, phallic apex particularly long, acuminate, phallic plates wide ( Fig. 80 View Figs 71-82 ).

V a r i a t i o n: Size: Length 4.0-6.0 mm; width 1.0- 1.5 mm. In one specimen from the Bunya Mountains, Queensland, the anterior bullule is missing and the epipleural bullule is reduced. The forebody and the anterior half of the elytral disc may be completely testaceous or it may be variously infuscated   .

N a t u r a l H i s t o r y: Specimens were collected in November, December, January, and February; 2 at light, 1 with a flight intercept trap, and 1 by beating, the latter two at 1021 m. Specimens were also collected in a rain forest at 700 m. A variety of specimens were gathered by beating and sweeping foliage in littoral rain forests. One specimen was collected in a Malaise trap.

D i s t r i b u t i o n ( Fig. 89 View Fig ): In addition to the types I examined 71 specimen from: Australia: Queensland: Bulburin barracks, 24°31.6'S 151°28.0'E, 14-15 Jan. 2008, G. Monteith GoogleMaps   ; Lamington NP, 28.188°S 153.121°E, 6-22Jan.2009, Malaise G. Monteith; Kenilworth State Forest , 5.XII.1966, G. Monteith   ; Mt. Spec S1, 19°00'S 146°11'E, 6Dec. 1994 - 10Jan.1995, M. Cermak, Malaise Trap GoogleMaps   ; Kuranda, Windy Hollow Rd. , 11-24-1997, L. B. O’Brien   ; Queensland, A. M. Lea   ; Mt. Tamborine   ; Bunya Mts., 26°50'S 151°33', 3 km from summit, on Kingaroy Rd , 6.1.1970, Britton, Holloway, Misko   ; idem, 9-I-38, N. Geary, 2000   '; idem, 20-12-37, N. Geary, 3000   '; idem, 22-I-38, N. Geary, 2000   '; 5 km NW Mt. Mowbullan , 3350', 8.1.70, Britton, Holloway, Misko   ; Mt. Glorious , 7.12.1971, J. Sedlacek   ; Bunya Mts. , 5-6 Jan. 1981, J. Powel   ; idem. Jan.-Feb. 1987, ex. Argyodendron actinophyllum, Y. Basset   ; North Queensland, Mt. Spec, 1/ 65, G.A.: New South Wales: Mooney Mccney Ck near Sosford , 18 Jan. 1930, B. J. Day & D. K. McAlpine   ; Lilyvale , 1-I-1979, R. H. M   ; idem, 30: I: 1972, D. A. Doolan   ; Red Cedar Flat , Royal NP, 3409S 1510E, beating rainforest margin, 10 XII 2006, C. Reid   ; Harrington , 6.Jan. 1981, Swept from foliage in littoral rainforest, G. & T. Williams   ; vic. Dingo Tops Forest Park, Dingo S. F. NW Wingham, 14 Jan 1987, on fallen branch in rain forest   ; 3 k N Lansdowne , 23 Dec. 1992   ; ex. Cuttsia vibunea, G. Williams   ; idem, 22. Jan.1981, on tree foliage adjoining pasture, G. & T. Williams   ; 24 km NNW Gloucester , 27-29 Jan-1990, ex. rainforest/subtropical, G. & T. Williams   ; Cocker Awombeeba Ck.- Easy Ck. Jct., NW Wauchope, Mt. Boss , 15-17-Jan. 1990, ex rain forest, G. &. B. Williams   ; Iluka, NR, mth. of Clarence R. 18-xi-1988, littoral r. for   ., G. Williams   ; Halliday’s Point , E of Taree, 16 Nov. 1996, ex. rainforest, G. Williams   ; Illawara , W. du Boullay   ; 4 km W Lansdowne, Lorien , 4. I. 1987, Flight Intercept Trap, A. & H. Howden   ; 3 km N Lansdowne, via Taree , 6-11 Jan 1987, ex. Malaise trap, rainforest margin, G. Williams   ; Starr’s Ck. NW sect, Lansdowne , N of Taree, 9 Jan 1987, ex. rain forest margin, G. Williams   ; Nightcap NP, NE of Nimbin, Googarna Rd. , 14-15-xi-1988, subtrop. Rainforest, G. Williams   ; Illawarra   ; Mt. Keira , 9 Feb. 1981, J. Powel   ; idem, 9.Jan. 1983, G. A. Holloway   ; Dorrigo N. P. rain forest, 700 m 3-6. I.2006, G. Hangay, I. Rozner, R. de Keyzer & A. Podlussany; Mt. Keira, Wollongong , 9Feb. 1981, J. Powel   ; Dingo Tops Forest Park NW Wingham , 8Jan.1984, rainforest margin, G. Williams   ; Specimens are deposited in AMSA, ANIC, BMNH, FSCA, JKCC, MVMA, QMBA, SAMA, and WOPC   .


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Tarsostenodes leucogramma ELSTON , 1922

Opitz, Weston, G, Paratillus & B, Tarsostenodes 2016

Tarsostenodes leucogramma

KOLIBAC J 2003: 47
CORPORAAL J 1950: 303
ELSTON A 1922: 316