Tarsostenodes howensis BARTLETT , 2009

Opitz, Weston, G, Paratillus & B, Tarsostenodes, 2016, Classification, natural history, and evolution of Tarsosteninae (Coleoptera: Cleroidea: Cleridae). Part IV. Taxonomy of the Tarsostenodes complex of Australia, New Caledonia, New Guinea, and Tasmania, Linzer biologische Beiträge 48 (1), pp. 587-636 : 607

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Tarsostenodes howensis BARTLETT , 2009


Tarsostenodes howensis BARTLETT, 2009 ( Figs 21 View Figs 2-21 , 33 View Figs 22-40 , 59, 79)

Tarsostenodes howensis BARTLETT, 2009: 227 View Cited Treatment . Holotype. Ƌ. ( Australia) NSW; Approx. 200 m E of trail to Goat House   GoogleMaps , foot slopes of Mt. Ladybird, Lord Howe Is., 31°33'41''S 159°5'15''E, 24 Nov. 2000, ex Howe belmoreana, M. Elliot, Plunkett-Cole, LHIS029/03B (beating) (AMSA).

Paratypes: Sixteen. Australia: NSW: Lord Howe Is. Jn Rocky Run & Boat Harbour Trails ( CBCR Site 24), 30 m, 31°33'19''S 159°05'33''E, 03 Dec 2000, C. Reid, Beating Pandanus / Howea trees ( AMSA, 2) GoogleMaps ; idem, path corner past Mutton Bird , 31°32'S 159°05'E, 29 Nov 2000, C. Reid, general beating veg ( AMSA, 1) GoogleMaps ; idem, Beating bushes Stevens Res, 11-14.v.2003, C. Reid ( AMSA, 1) GoogleMaps ; idem, Valley of Shadows , 31°31'50''S 159°4'36''E, 06 Dec 2000, R. Harris, Active sampling ( AMSA, 4) GoogleMaps ; idem, saddle between Intermediate Hill and Goat House Cave 31°32'S 159°05'E, 23 Nov 2001, C. Reid ( AMSA, 1) GoogleMaps ; idem, Stephens Reserve , 10 m 31°31'33''S 159°03'53''E, beating 29 Nov 2000, C. Reid ( AMSA, 1) GoogleMaps ; idem, 04 Dec 2000, beating trees & bushes, C. Reid ( AMSA, 1) GoogleMaps ; idem, 09 Dec, C. Reid, beating ( AMSA, 1) GoogleMaps ; idem, 1/3 way up Goat House Trail (1 st. patch of palms), 31°33'47''S 159°05'09''E, 23 Nov 2001, 280 m, C. Reid ( AMSA, 1) GoogleMaps ; idem, R. Baxter, XII-1921 ( AMSA, 1). I have not examined the two specimens in QMBA ( BARTLETT 2009 : 227) GoogleMaps .

D i a g n o s i s: The light brown body color in combination with a dark midline vitta that extends from the lower frons to the pronotal collar, and two dark vitae proximal to the elytral sutural margin, will distinguish the members of this species from congeners. There are no elytral bullules. Also, this is the only known Tarsostenodes species from Lord Howe Island.

D e s c r i p t i o n. This species was recently described by BARTLETT (2009: 227). Additional characteristics are: Antennae as in Fig. 21 View Figs 2-21 ; pronotum as in Fig. 33 View Figs 22-40 ; habitus as in Fig. 59; male pygidium not incised at middle of anterior margin; phallobasic lobes short, fimbriate, not delineated basally by a transverse sclerotic line, phallobasic rod extended laterally, phallobasic struts contiguous with phallobasic apodeme, phallic apex truncate, phallic plates wide ( Fig. 79 View Figs 71-82 ).

V a r i a t i o n: Size: Length 3.5-4.8 mm; width 0.7-1.0 mm. The dark forebody vitta and the dark vitta near the elytral sutural margin vary in expression.

N a t u r a l H i s t o r y: Specimens were collected during May, November, and December. Eight specimens were found on, and in, flowers of the curly palm Howea belmoreana (MOORE & MUELL.) Becc. (Palmaceae). One specimen was gathered in a Malaise trap, in a rainforest, and three others with Pyrethrum spray.

D i s t r i b u t i o n: This species is known only from Lord Howe Island , an oceanic island east of Sydney , Australia. In addition to the holotype I examined 30 specimens. Lord Howe Island, Dawson Ridge Top, 3-8 IX-1979, Malaise, rainforest, G. B. Monteith ; North Bay , 19-IX-1979, Scrub, Pyrethrum knockdown, G. B. Monteith ; Leanda Lei , 10-IX-1979, Rainforest, Pyrethrum knockdown ; I-1992, A. Andersen; NSW, 1992-1993, in & on flowers of Howea foresteriana, P. Huber; Stephens Reserve 10 m, 31°31'33''S 159°03'53''E, beating 29 Nov 200, C. Reid GoogleMaps ; Walking track en route to Valley of the Shadows, 31°31'47''S 159°4'40''E, 06-Dec-2000, H. Smith (Beating) Specimens are deposited in AMSA, ANIC, BMNH, QMBA, SAMA, and WOPC GoogleMaps .


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Tarsostenodes howensis BARTLETT , 2009

Opitz, Weston, G, Paratillus & B, Tarsostenodes 2016

Tarsostenodes howensis

BARTLETT J 2009: 227
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