Dipturus sp. A

M. A. Treloar, L. J. B. Laurenson & J. D. Stevens, 2006, Descriptions of rajid egg cases from southeastern Australian waters., Zootaxa 1231, pp. 53-68: 59

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Dipturus sp. A


Dipturus sp. A   (sensu Last and Stevens, 1994 as Raja sp. A   ) - Longnosed skate

(Fig. 3)


Found in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania in depths from 40-250 m (Last and Stevens 1994).


Small, squat/broad, round in shape (Table 1); colour brown/yellow, transparent; ventral surface almost flat, dorsal surface convex. Ventral surface smooth with very few fine fibroids; dorsal surface with fine fibroids. Lateral keel broad, ≥ 5 mm in width on each side. Attachment fibres very fine, located on lateral margin; posterior and anterior horns depressed, short; both aprons short, posterior apron length slightly> anterior apron length.