Nodothauma, Criscione & Hallan & Puillandre & Fedosov, 2021

Criscione, Francesco, Hallan, Anders, Puillandre, Nicolas & Fedosov, Alexander, 2021, Where the snails have no name: a molecular phylogeny of Raphitomidae (Neogastropoda: Conoidea) uncovers vast unexplored diversity in the deep seas of temperate southern and eastern Australia, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 191, pp. 961-1000 : 975

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Z o o B a n k r e g i s t r a t i o n: u r n: l s i d: z o o b a n k. org:act: 86B1A839-13E6-45B5-8C77-8B8F8870FBBD.

Type species: Nodothauma magnifica . OD, herein.

Etymology: The name is derived from the Ancient Greek νωδος, edentate, for its lack of a radula, and θαύμα, miracle, for its resemblance to Ponthiothauma. The gender is feminine.


Shell ( Fig. 3A) large, fusiform, orange-brown. Early teleoconch whorls narrow in profile, subsequent whorls somewhat broader in appearance, producing weakly concave shell outline; shoulder pronounced. Subsutural ramp wide, bearing spiral cords and weak axial riblets on its abapical portion. Siphonal canal long, tapering. Aperture large, elongate-pyriform. Columella with elongate burnt-orange stain. Anal sinus wide, U-shaped. Rhynchocoel capacious, inner walls lined with dark red epithelium. Radula and venom apparatus absent.