Diacyclops mirnyi (Borutsky and Vinogradov, 1957)

Pugh, P. J. A., Dartnall, H. J. G. & McInnes, S. J., 2002, The non-marine Crustacea of Antarctica and the Islands of the Southern Ocean: biodiversity and biogeography, Journal of Natural History 36 (9), pp. 1047-1103: 1061

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http://doi.org/ 10.1080/00222930110039602

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Diacyclops mirnyi (Borutsky and Vinogradov, 1957)


Diacyclops mirnyi (Borutsky and Vinogradov, 1957)  

Acanthocyclops mirnyi Borutsky and Vinogradov, 1957   .

Description: Borutsky and Vinogradov (1957). Listed in: Borutsky (1962); Smith and Sayers (1971); Morton (1985); Laybourn-Parry et al. (1991); Laybourn-Parry and Marchant (1992); Bayliss and Laybourn-Parry (1995); Einsle (1996); Dartnall (2000); § Boxshall (personal communication).

Recorded from: freshwater lakes and/or pools.

Locations: Enderby Sector, Wilkes Sector, Falkland Is. §.