Pristiophorus lanae Ebert and Wilms

Weigmann, Simon, Gon, Ofer, Leeney, Ruth H., Barrowclift, Ellen, Berggren, Per, Jiddawi, Narriman & Temple, Andrew J., 2020, Revision of the sixgill sawsharks, genus Pliotrema (Chondrichthyes, Pristiophoriformes), with descriptions of two new species and a redescription of P. warreni Regan, PLOS ONE 15 (3), pp. 1-56 : 3

publication ID 10.1371/journal.pone.0228791

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Pristiophorus lanae Ebert and Wilms


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(1 specimen). ZSM 45812: presumably adult female, 900 mm TL, off Culasi, Antique province, Panay Island, Philippines, collected on 10 March 2016 by Alexandra Bagarinar and Wilfredo L. Campos.


Bavarian State Collection of Zoology

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