Zuluclavodes, Hlavac, 2007

Hlaváč, Peter & Baňař, Petr, 2020, New species of Clavigeritae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae) from Malawi and South Africa, Zootaxa 4877 (3), pp. 587-597: 592

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Zuluclavodes   sp.

( Fig. 2 View FIGURES 1–4 )

Material examined. 1 ♀: MLW/sift 13 S MALAWI 2018, MT. ZOMBA, S15 o 20’37,2’’ E35 o 16’40.2’’, sifted forest litter, Winkler App. Extraction, 27.11., 1846 m, P. Baňař & P. Hlaváč lgt. ( PCPH) GoogleMaps   .

Note. This female, 2.45 mm long, clearly represents another new species of the genus. It can be easily separated from the larger congeners Zuluclavodes bryantaylori   and Zuluclavodes mulanjensis   by its different antennal morphology with minuscule scape and transverse pedicel that is partly hidden in antennal cavity. Additionally, antennomeres III–V are of different length, and the relative lengths of antennomeres III–VI is 1.00: 1.45: 2.18: 4.73. The pronotum of this species bears shallow lateral foveae. Although the differences are clear, we prefer not to name this species on account of our opinion that in general, new Staphylinidae   taxa should not be named based on females alone.

Biology. The single specimen was sifted in the remnant of the mountainous forests ( Fig. 17 View FIGURES 17–18 ) and extracted using Winkler apparatus.

Host ant. Unknown.

Distribution. Malawi, Mount Zomba.