Tropidopsilus Kieffer, 1908,

Quadros, Alex Leite & Brandão, Carlos Roberto F., 2017, Genera of Belytinae (Hymenoptera: Diapriidae) recorded in the Atlantic Dense Ombrophilous Forest from Paraíba to Santa Catarina, Brazil, Papéis Avulsos de Zoologia (São Paulo) 57 (6), pp. 57-91: 68

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Tropidopsilus Kieffer, 1908


Tropidopsilus Kieffer, 1908 

( Figs. 13View FIGURE 13, 14View FIGURE 14 C-D, 22A)

Total of specimens found: 199 (89 females and 110 males) in seven morphospecies.

Diagnosis: Overall size relatively small to medium (1.8-4.2 mm); antenna 15-segmented in females, 14-segmented in males; first segment of male flagellum with straight emargination starting at the base of the segment and with a small projection at its apex; eyes relatively big, usually occupying little less than the total length of the head, with inner eye orbits con- verging below on the face in frontal view ( Fig. 13BView FIGURE 13); female’s eyes ( Fig. 13BView FIGURE 13) tend to be relatively bigger and with inner eye orbits more convergent than that of males. Scutellar disc in lateral view rounded, ( Fig. 14DView FIGURE 14), or as a triangular pyramid, apically point- ed ( Fig. 14CView FIGURE 14); posterior margin of scutellar disc crenulate ( Fig. 14DView FIGURE 14) or not ( Fig. 14CView FIGURE 14); metascutellum with spiniform projection ( Figs. 13CView FIGURE 13, 14View FIGURE 14 C-D). Radial cell of forewings triangular and completely closed ( Fig. 13DView FIGURE 13); Rs2 nebulous and only slightly curved ( Fig. 13DView FIGURE 13). Petiole with various sculptures but with no longitudinal carinae, or with several strong longitudinal carinae, without microsculpture in between; presence of continuous row of hairs or small tufts of hairs at the petiole’s ventral side; female gaster somewhat compressed at tip, near the partially extruded ovipositor ( Fig. 13AView FIGURE 13).

Material examined: BRAZIL: Santa Catarina: São Bento do Sul, CEPA Rugendas , 26°19’25.6”S, 49°18’26.5”W, 13-16.x.2001 (3), 16-19.x.2001 (1), 14-17.x.2001 (1), A.M. Penteado-Dias e eq. col., 4 ♀♀GoogleMaps  / 1 ♂GoogleMaps  ; São Francisco do Sul, CEPA Vila da Glória , 26°13’40.0”S, 48°40’49.1”W, 14-17.x.2001 (4), 17-20.x.2001 (18), A.M. Penteado-Dias e eq. col., 15 ♀♀GoogleMaps  / 7 ♂♂GoogleMaps  ; São Paulo: Base Barra Grande, Parque Estadual de Intervales , 24°18’14.4”S, 48°21’50.4”W, 13-16.xii.2000 (2), 10-13.xii.2000 (2), 11-14. xii.2000 (4), 14-17.xii.2000 (9), 12.xii.2000 (1), M. T. Tavares e eq. col., 18 ♀♀GoogleMaps  ; Salesópolis, Estação Biológica de Boracéia , 23°39’01.8”S, 45°52’55.5”W, 04.iv.2001, S. T. P. Amarante e eq. col., 2 ♂♂GoogleMaps  ; Ubatuba, Parque Estadual Serra do Mar , 23°21’43”S, 44°49’22”W, 21.i.2002 (7), 22.i.2002 (6), 23.i.2002 (1), 24.i.2002 (4), 26.i.2002 (4), N.W. Perioto e eq. col., 16 ♀♀GoogleMaps  / 6 ♂♂GoogleMaps  ; Peruíbe, Estação Ecológica Juréia-Itatins , 24°31’06”S, 47°12’06”W, 05.v.2002, M. T. Tavares e eq. col., 1 ♂GoogleMaps  ; Rio de Janeiro: Nova Iguaçu, Reserva Biológica do Tinguá , 22°34’32”S, 43°26’09”W, 06-09.iii.2002 (3), 05-08.iii.2002 (2), 08-11.iii.2002 (1), 09-12.iii.2002 (3), 07.iii.2002 (2), 08.iii.2002 (1), S. T. P. Amarante e eq. col., 5 ♀♀GoogleMaps  / 7 ♂♂GoogleMaps  ; Santa Maria Madalena, Parque Estadual do Desengano , 21°59’03.9”S, 41°57’08.4”W, 16-19.iv.2002 (45), 19-22.iv.2002 (37), 18.iv.2002 (3), 20.iv.2002 (1), A.M. Penteado-Dias e eq. col., 13 ♀♀GoogleMaps  / 73 ♂♂GoogleMaps  ; Bahia: Ilhéus , Mata Esperança  , 14°46’S / 39°04’W, 18-21.v.2002 (2), 19.v.2002 (1), A.M. Penteado-Dias e eq. col., 1 ♀♀GoogleMaps  / 2 ♂♂GoogleMaps  ; Mata  de São João, Reserva de Sapiranga , 12°33’42.1”S, 38°02’43.8”W, 21.vii.2001, 25.vii.2001, M. T. Tavares e eq. col., 2 ♂♂GoogleMaps  ; Alagoas: Quebrangulo, Reserva Biológica Pedra Talhada , 09°18’57.6”S, 36°27’57.6”W, 08-11.ix.2002 (8), 11-14.ix.2002 (5), A.M. Penteado-Dias e eq. col., 8 ♀♀GoogleMaps  / 5 ♂♂GoogleMaps  ; Pernambuco: Recife, Parque dos Dois Irmãos , 08°03’14”S, 34°52’52”W, 18-21.vii.2002 (2), 17-20.vii.2002 (6), 21.vii.2002 (1), vii.2002 (1), 21-24.vii.2002 (1), 22.vii.2002 (1), S. T. P. Amarante e eq. col., 8 ♀♀GoogleMaps  / 4 ♂♂GoogleMaps  ; Paraíba: João Pessoa, Mata  do Buraquinho , 07°08’25”S, 35°51’38”W, 29.vii-01. viii.2002, S. T. P. Amarante e eq. col., 1 ♀. A.L. Quadros det.GoogleMaps 


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