Dyschiriodes (Dyschiriodes) pusillus pusillus (Dejean, 1825)

Bulirsch, Petr & Stachowiak, Mieczyslaw, 2017, Overview and new records of the species of the tribes Dyschiriini and Clivinini from Iraq (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Scaritinae), ZooKeys 672, pp. 135-144: 138

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Dyschiriodes (Dyschiriodes) pusillus pusillus (Dejean, 1825)


Dyschiriodes (Dyschiriodes) pusillus pusillus (Dejean, 1825)  

New records.

1 specimen: Iraq, Tekrit, ii-v.1979, (PBPC); 15 specimens: Iraq: Tharthar Lake, vii-viii. 1977, leg. J. Pawłowski, 21 specimens: 15 km W Kerbala, 14.v.1978, leg. Z. Stebnicka, (ISEA).


Some specimens of D. pusillus pusillus   are very similar to those of D. clypeatus   and its differentiation is difficult. It is recorded in Iraq for the first time.