Collotheca ornata f. cornuta (Dobie)

Meksuwan, Phuripong, Pholpunthin, Pornsilp & Segers, Hendrik, 2013, The Collothecidae (Rotifera, Collothecacea) of Thailand, with the description of a new species and an illustrated key to the Southeast Asian fauna, ZooKeys 315, pp. 1-16: 7-8

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Collotheca ornata f. cornuta (Dobie)


Collotheca ornata f. cornuta (Dobie)  


This taxon (Figs 4G, H) is differentiated from the nominal form by the corona bearing an elongate projection dorsally to the dorsal lobe. The presence/absence of this projection has classically been interpreted as of infrasubspecific relevance only (see Edmondson 1940, Koste 1978). In the absence of additional data (morphological, molecular or behavioural), we prefer to be cautious and record the taxon separately.

Specimens were found in Khlong Lam Chan Non-Hunting Area, Trang province (Fig. 1: S3); the present is the first Thai record of the taxon.