beddomei (Blanford, 1866)

Sutcharit, Chirasak, Ablett, Jonathan D. & Panha, Somsak, 2019, An annotated type catalogue of seven genera of operculate land snails (Caenogastropoda, Cyclophoridae) in the Natural History Museum, London, ZooKeys 842, pp. 1-65: 1

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beddomei (Blanford, 1866)


12. beddomei (Blanford, 1866)   Fig. 2F

Spiraculum beddomei   Blanford, 1866: 31, 32.

Pterocyclos beddomei   - Hanley and Theobald 1875: 54, pl. 134, figs 5, 6.

Pearsonia beddomei   - Kobelt 1902: 172, 173, fig. 36. Kobelt 1911: 767, 768, pl. 112, figs 14-18.

Current generic position.

Pearsonia   Kobelt, 1902

Type locality.

Kimeky Hills near Waltair (Vizagapatam), northern division of the Madras Presidency [Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh State, India].

Type material.

Syntype NHMUK 1906.1.1.942 (1 shell; Fig. 2F).


The species description was based on more than one specimen. The original description did not include an illustration, and only one set of measurements was given. Hanley and Theobald (1875) subsequently figured this species. There is a specimen in the NHM from the Blanford collection figured in Hanley and Theobald (1875) that closely matches the dimensions given in the original description, it is figured herein.