Austrolebias reicherti

Loureiro, Marcelo & García, Graciela, 2008, Austrolebias reicherti Loureiro & García, a valid species of annual fish (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) from Uruguay, Zootaxa 1940, pp. 1-15: 4-6

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Austrolebias reicherti


Austrolebias reicherti   vs A. charrua  

From the comparative data in Table 1, several morphological differences can be noted between these species: 1) Austrolebias reicherti   males have the origin of the dorsal fin anterior to the origin of the anal fin, whereas the dorsal fin of A. charrua   originates posterior to the anal fin, 2) the number of caudal fin rays in A. reicherti   range from 18 to 24 and in A. charrua   they range from 23 to 26, 3) males of A. reicherti   have a well developed supraorbital band while in A. charrua   this band is moderately developed, 4) a characteristic vertical band is present on the posterior border of the dorsal and anal fins of A. reicherti   males, but it is absent in A. charrua   , 5) males of A. reicherti   have bars on the base of the dorsal fin and the annals fin is uniformly pigmented, in males of A. charrua   both fins are proximally or entirely dotted, and 6) males of A. reicherti   have vertical black bands on body flanks that are narrower or equal in width to the space between those bars, the vertical bands are as wide or wider than the space between the bands in males of A. charrua   .

Geometric morphometry analysis indicates that both species also differ in males body shape ( Fig. 2). Differences are mostly in body depth ( A. charrua   deeper) and head size ( A. charrua   smaller head).