Burmeistera smaragdi Lammers, Novon, 2002

González, Favio, 2023, Taxonomic revision of Burmeistera (Campanulaceae-Lobelioideae) in Colombia, Phytotaxa 615 (1), pp. 1-113 : 86-87

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Burmeistera smaragdi Lammers, Novon


49. Burmeistera smaragdi Lammers, Novon View in CoL View at ENA 12: 213. 2002.

Type:— ECUADOR. Esmeraldas: Quinindé, Bilsa Biological Station, Montañas de Mache, 35 km W of Quinindé, 5 km W of Santa Isabel , road between the station and the SE Ridge Trail, 00º21`N, 79º44`W, 400‒600 m, 19 Sep 1994 (fl, fr), M. Bass & N. Pittman 22 (holotype: OSH! [OSH-v-0000033]; isotypes: MO! [MO-277264], QCNE! [QCNE133]). Figs. 23 View FIGURE 23 , 24K–N View FIGURE 24 .

Scandent herbs or shrubs, terrestrial or occasionally epiphytic, up to 1 m tall. Stem puberulous when young, later glabrescent. Petiole 0.3–1.0 cm long, puberulous to glabrescent; blade narrowly elliptic to narrowly oblong, 8.0–12.5 × 2–5 cm, glabrous above, glabrous or scarcely puberulous along the midvein beneath, base cuneate to rarely rounded, usually asymmetric, apex acuminate to caudate, margin subentire to slightly toothed, with 12 to 14 marginal to slightly extramarginal hydathodes per side (one or two per centimeter), secondary veins 12 to 15 per side, intramarginal vein present, discontinuous. Subtending leaves not reduced. Peduncle 7–13 cm long, glabrescent to scarcely puberulous, ebracteolate. Hypanthium narrowly obconic, 6–11 mm × 3.5–5.5 mm, glabrescent to scarcely puberulous. Calyx lobes linear, 12–20(–30) × 1.0– 2.5 mm, reflexed to patent, glabrescent to scarcely puberulous, basally spaced by sinuses up to 1.2 mm wide, margin slightly toothed with 3 or 4 teeth per side, apex acute to acuminate. Corolla green suffused with brown or purple, glabrous; tube 1.1–1.3 cm long, 2.0– 2.5 mm at its mid- and distal portions, inflated proximally; lobes ovate, falcate, not curled back at late anthesis, apex acuminate; dorsal lobes 12–16 × 2.3–4.0 mm, lateral lobes 7–13 × 2–3 mm, ventral lobe 6.5–10.0 × 2.2–3.5 mm. Synandrium 2.3–2.8 cm long, exserted up to 1.5 cm; filament tube 2.0– 2.1 cm long, glabrous; anther tube 3–7 mm, glabrous, ventral anthers ebarbate throughout. Berries obconic, 1.0–1.5 × 0.5–1 cm, not inflated, scarcely puberulous, whitish to purple.

Phenology: — Burmeistera smaragdi sets flowers and fruits in January, March to September, November and December.

Distribution, ecology and conservation status: — Burmeistera smaragdi , originally described from Ecuador, reaches Colombia, where it grows in the Andes of Cauca and Nariño, at elevations between 400 and 2160 m. Following the IUCN (2022) Guidelines, this species qualifies for the Near Threatened (NT) category.

Notes: — Burmeistera smaragdi is similar to B. serraniaguae and B. succulenta , from which it differs by the young stem puberulous, the petiole, peduncle and calyx lobes puberulous to glabrescent, the corolla lobes not curled back at anthesis, and the synandrium exserted up to 1.5 cm (versus the young stem glabrous, the petiole, peduncle and calyx lobes glabrous, the corolla lobes curled back at anthesis, and the synandrium exserted up to 1.8–2.4 cm in the remaining two species).

Additional specimens examined:— Cauca. El Tambo, PNN Munchique, corregimiento La Gallera, sector El Rosal, camino entre la cabaña de Parques y la carretera hacia Las Palmas, 2°46.957´W, 76°53.812´‒ 45.727´ N, 76°54.641´W, 1500‒1722 m, 1 Aug 2017 (fl), J. Sánchez et al. 2387 ( COL). Nariño. Ricaurte, Reserva Natural La Planada , 1800 m, Nov 1993 (fl), M. Amaya 313 ( COL) ; Barbacoas , corregimiento de Junín, 1200 m, 5 Dec 1986 (fl, fr), O. de Benavides 7602 ( PSO) ; Reserva La Planada a 7 km de Chucunés, 1°10´N, 77°58´W, 1800 m, 16 Nov 1987 (fl), O. de Benavides 8993 ( PSO) GoogleMaps ; Reserva La Planada, quebradas, El Mar-La Calladita , 01°10´N, 77°58´W, 1500‒1800 m, 29 Apr 1988 (fl, fr), O. de Benavides 9591 ( PSO) GoogleMaps ; Reserva La Planada , a 7 km de Chucunés, 1°10´N, 77°58´W, 1800 m, 26 Sep 1989 (fl), O. de Benavides 10847 ( PSO) GoogleMaps ; Reserva La Planada , 1°10´N, 77°58´W, 17 Jan 1990 (fl), O. de Benavides 11256 ( PSO) GoogleMaps ; corregimiento Junín, sitio La Guarapería a 3 km de Junín, vía Junín-Tumaco, margen derecha, 1100 m, Mar 1995 (fl), J. Fernández 12541 ( COL) ; Barbacoas, corr. Altaquer, vereda El Barro, Reserva Natural Río Ñambí , vertiente occidental, 1°18´N, 78°8´W, 1325 m, 4 Dec 1993 (fl), P. Franco et al. 4881 ( COL) GoogleMaps ; Finca La Planada, near Chucunes , 1950 m, 13 Jan 1981 (fl), A. Gentry et al. 30572 ( COL) ; La Planada, Salazar Finca, km 7 above Ricaurte , 1750 m, 1°08´N, 77°58´W, 27 Nov 1981 (fl), A. Gentry et al. 35063 ( NY) GoogleMaps ; La Planada , trail to El Hondón, 6‒12 km SW of La Planada, 1°04´N, 78°02´W, 1750‒1800 m, 5 Jan 1988 (fl), A. Gentry et al. 60423 ( NY, PSO) GoogleMaps ; trail from La Planada to Pielapi , 01°04´N, 78°02´W, 1600‒1800 m, 22 Jul 1988 (fl), A. Gentry et al. 63664 ( PSO) GoogleMaps ; Ricaurte, a 7 km de Chucunés, Reserva La Planada, trocha La Vieja, 1°10´N, 77°58´W, 1800 m, 14 Apr 1992 (fr), R. Giraldo 107 ( PSO) GoogleMaps ; La Planada Biological Reserve, ca. 7 km S Chucunez, along La Vieja trail, 1°10´N, 77°55´W, 1800‒1900 m, 5 Aug 1990 (fl), J. L. Luteyn et al. 13848 ( PSO, NY) GoogleMaps ; La Planada Biological Reserve, ca. 7 km S of Chucunez, along road to Pialapí , 1°10´N, 77°55´W, 1800‒1900 m, 10 Aug 1990 (fl), J. L. Luteyn et al. 13988 ( PSO, NY) GoogleMaps ; Ricaurte, Reserva La Planada , 16 Mar 1994 (fl), H. Mendoza 604 ( PSO) ; Ricaurte, Reserva La Planada , 1800 m, 12 Apr 1994 (fl), H. Mendoza 1373 ( PSO) ; Ricaurte, Reserva Natural La Planada , 1°05´6´´N, 77°55´W, 1900 m, 5 Sep 1999 (fl), H. Mendoza et al. 8689 ( PSO) GoogleMaps ; Altaquer , entre Junín y Buenavista, 650 m, 21 Nov 1967 (fl), L. Mora 4319 ( COL) ; Ricaurte, Reserva La Planada, vertiente Occidental de los Andes , 1800 m, 31 May 1994 (fl), J. Otero 369 ( PSO) ; Barbacoas, corregimiento Ortíz y Zamora, vereda El Barro, Reserva Natural Río Ñambí , ca. 5 km W de Altaquer, faldas Occidentales de la Cordillera Occidental, 1°18´N, 78°8´W, 1250‒1350 m, 10 Sep 1997 (fl), J. Pipoly et al. 21625 ( PSO) GoogleMaps ; Barbacoas , Resguardo El Sábalo, quebrada Corozal, 1°17´N, 78°14´W, 580‒700 m, 19 Aug 1995 (fl), B. Ramírez et al. 8182 ( PSO). GoogleMaps


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Burmeistera smaragdi Lammers, Novon

González, Favio 2023

Burmeistera smaragdi

Lammers 2002: 213
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