Acusana DeLong (1942)

Domahovski, Alexandre Cruz & Cavichioli, Rodney Ramiro, 2019, Acusana DeLong (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Gyponini), a genus not previously recorded in Brazil: description of four new species for the Brazilian fauna, Zootaxa 4571 (4), pp. 531-543: 532

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Acusana DeLong (1942)


Acusana DeLong (1942)  

Type-species. Acusana veprecula DeLong, 1942  

Diagnosis. Small- to medium-sized and flattened dorsoventrally leafhoppers, between 6.5 to 9.0mm in length. Coloration ( Figs 73 View FIGURES 73 ¯76) yellow to orange. Head ( Figs 1 View FIGURES 1 , 23 View FIGURES 23 ) in dorsal view, produced, median length of crown approximately as long or longer than half interocular width**; surface with some longitudinal striae between ocelli and near anterior margin, oblique and irregular striae on remainder portion*. Head (Figs 2, 24) in frontal view, with lateral margin of frons distant from eye by maximum width of clypeus*. Head (Figs 3, 39) in lateral view, with crown flattened; anterior margin foliaceous. Pygofer (Figs 12, 65) in lateral view, with dorsoapical protrusion resembling hooked spine or flattened plate. Valve (Figs 28, 42) in ventral view, integument thickened only on anterior margin*; posterior margin excavated or membranous medially*. Connective (Figs 10, 32) T-shaped*. Style (Figs 12, 34) in lateral view, with blade with long setae near dorsal margin and external surface*. Aedeagus somewhat simple, without atrial or apodemal processes (Figs 13, 14)**; preatrium frequently developed (Figs 49, 71)**; dorsal apodeme rounded, not developed laterally (Figs 14, 72)**; shaft with or without apical processes, sometimes with subapical processes (Figs 14, 72)**. Female first valvula (Figs 17, 53) with dorsal sculpturing starting at midlength*; apical portion (Figs 18, 54) with dorsal and ventral sculptured area connected and strigate*. Second valvula (Figs 20, 56) with teeth of dorsal margin very small and irregular shaped*; teeth of ventral margin (Figs 21, 57) very small and regular shaped, moderately directed posterad*.

Notes. The characters marked with an asterisk [*] are included based on the species studied herein, and are often conservative at the genus level in Gyponini. However, further studies of the previously described Acusana   species are needed to determine whether they exhibit any variation in these characters. The characters marked with double asterisk [**] were also evaluated based on descriptions and illustrations provided by DeLong (1942) and DeLong & Freytag (1966).