Tomocerus Nicolet, 1842

Gong, Xin, Qin, Chunyan & Yu, Daoyuan, 2018, Two new species of Tomocerus ocreatus group with a single large distal dental spine (Collembola, Tomoceridae), Zootaxa 4514 (2), pp. 273-282 : 275

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Tomocerus Nicolet, 1842


Genus Tomocerus Nicolet, 1842

Common characters for the two new species. PAO absent. Eyes 6+6. Both dorsal and ventral sides of head scaled. Mouthparts normal for Tomocerus . Labral formula 4/5, 5, 4, distal edge of labrum with 4 papillae ending in curved spines. Mentum with 5 chaetae, submentum with numerous chaetae. Mandibular head asymmetrical, the left side with 4 teeth and the right side with 5 teeth, left molar plate distally with a tapered tooth. Maxillary lamella 5 without beard-like appendage. Maxillary outer lobe with trifurcate palp, one basal chaeta and 4 sublobal hairs. Both dorsal and ventral sides of Ant. I and Ant. II scaled, Ant. IV unscaled. Macrochaetae densely arranged along anterior margin of Th. II and sparsely on each terga, most mesochaetae laterally and posteriorly on terga. Bothriotricha 2 (a6, m6), 1 (m6)/ 0, 0, 1 (a5), 2 (a2, a5), 0, 0 on Th. II – Abd. VI. Tergal pseudopores 1, 1/ 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0 from Th. II to Abd. VI near body axis. Each tibiotarsus with distal whorl of 11 chaetae, ventral 6 as ordinary chaetae, dorsal 5 modified as a central clavate tenent hair, a pair of short accessory chaetae and a pair of slender guard chaetae. Rami of tenaculum with 4+4 teeth. Dens basally without outer strong chaetae or inner large differentiated scales. Dental spines compound, with numerous secondary denticles on surface. Dens dorsally with ordinary chaetae and plumose chaetae, ventrally with dense scales and several apical chaetae. Mucro elongated, bearing numerous chaetae with elongated sockets (not shown in figures); apical tooth subequal to subapical tooth; two dorsal lamellae running from proximal edge of subapical tooth, outer lamella ending in distal edge of inner basal tooth, inner lamella ending at base of mucro, intermediate teeth located on outer lamella; both basal teeth with proximal lamellae, outer basal tooth with toothlet.