Satyrium Scudder,

Munguira, Miguel L., Martín, José, García-Barros, Enrique, Shahbazian, Gayaneh & Cancela, Juan Pablo, 2015, Morphology and morphometry of Lycaenid eggs (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae), Zootaxa 3937 (2), pp. 201-247: 209

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Satyrium Scudder


Genus Satyrium Scudder 

( Figs. 5View FIGURE 5 C –F, 6 and 7 A, B)

The eggs of this genus have generally a sea urchin appearance with the only exception of Satyrium  w-album (Knoch) that has a lenticular shape and a flat micropylar pole ( Fig. 5View FIGURE 5 C, D). This species has the annular zone with clearly defined cells with smooth walls and interior, a wide transition zone with barely any sculpture and an equatorial area whose cells have prominent walls and tubercles forming a crown. S. spini (Denis & Schiffermüiller)  ( Fig. 5View FIGURE 5 E, F) has prominent spiny tubercles protruding from the corners of the cells on the tubercleaeropyle zone, a not well defined transition zone and a depressed flat annular zone with circular holes and a lobed micropyle rosette normally with three primary cells. S. ilicis (Esper)  , S. esculi (Hübner)  , and S. acaciae (Fabricius)  share very similar egg morphology, with spiny tubercles that are shorter in these three species than those of S. spini  . S urrounding the annular zone S. ilicis  ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6 A, B) has a set of rounded tubercles which make the micropylar depression deeper and can be diagnostic from S. esculi  ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6 C, D), that is otherwise a very similar species. S. acaciae  ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6 E, F) has always scales glued to the chorion surface, because the female covers the egg after laying it with scales from a specific tuft located at the end of its abdomen. Finally, S. pruni  ( Fig. 7View FIGURE 7 A, B) shows an annular zone almost devoid of ornaments. In the transition and tubercle-aeropyle zone it has a structure of quadrangular cells, whose edges give rise to small pinnacles with opened tips.