Tricellina Forster & Platnick, 1989

Rix, Michael & Harvey, Mark, 2010, The spider family Micropholcommatidae (Arachnida: Araneae: Araneoidea): a relimitation and revision at the generic level, ZooKeys 36 (36), pp. 1-321 : 34-35

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Tricellina Forster & Platnick, 1989


Genus Tricellina Forster & Platnick, 1989

Tricella Forster & Platnick, 1981: 266 (name preoccupied in Diptera ). Type species by original designation Tricella gertschi Forster & Platnick, 1981 . Brignoli, 1983: 696.

Tricellina Forster & Platnick, 1989 in Platnick, 1989: 166 (replacement name for Tricella Forster & Platnick, 1981 ). Platnick, 2009.

Affinities. The genus Tricellina appears to be the sister-lineage to Austropholcomma from Australia ( Fig. 4 View Figure 4 ).

Diagnosis. Tricellina gertschi can be distinguished from all other Micropholcommatini by the presence of an extremely long (length >> 5× width), bifurcate embolus with a complex trajectory around the entire pedipalpal bulb ( Fig. 45 View Figure 45 ). Other diagnostic characters include the presence of a concave male clypeus in lateral view (Fig. 41A), and the retention of a five-segmented female pedipalp ( Fig. 43C View Figure 43 ).

Description. Very small, entelegyne Araneoidea ; total length 1.00 to 1.10. Cephalothorax: Carapace without glandular depressions above maxillae; cuticle without glandular pits ( Fig. 42E View Figure 42 ); margins fused to sternum via pleural sclerites; clypeus of male concave in lateral view (Fig. 41A). Eight eyes present on anterior margin of pars cephalica (Fig. 41); AME smallest. Chelicerae with bulging anterior projections in males; promargin with true teeth, a pair of fused setal sockets adjacent to base of fang and single peg tooth in males ( Fig. 43F View Figure 43 ); proximal peg tooth-like seta of fused setal sockets modified in males, proximally-flattened ( Fig. 43F View Figure 43 ); ectal stridulatory ridges present in males.

Legs and female pedipalp: Legs three-clawed ( Fig. 44D View Figure 44 ), covered with smooth or serrate hair-like setae. Trichobothria present on tibiae and metatarsi of legs; tibiae each with two (legs I–III) or three (leg IV) trichobothria; metatarsi (legs I–III) each with single trichobothrium ( Fig. 44C View Figure 44 ). Female pedipalp entire, five-segmented; claw absent ( Figs 43 View Figure 43 C–D).

Abdomen: Abdomen oval; anterior sclerite present around epigastric region and petiole; large dorsal scute present on males (Fig. 41A), absent on females ( Fig. 40B View Figure 40 ); lateral sclerotic strips present on males; posterior sclerotic ring surrounding spinnerets and colulus. Six spinnerets situated posterior to fleshy colulus ( Figs 23 View Figure 23 G–H); PMS with single medial AC gland spigot and apparently without anterior CY gland spigot; PLS with complete triad. Anterior tracheal system with multiple anteriorly-directed tracheae; posterior tracheal spiracle absent.

Genitalia: Male pedipalp ( Fig. 45 View Figure 45 ) relatively large; trochanter with modified prolateral seta forming stridulatory ‘tooth’; patella with broad, distally-directed, flang- ed ligulate retrolateral apophysis; tegulum smooth, with curved, evaginated tegular ridge; embolus exposed, very long (length >> 5× width), with looped proximal portion and bifurcate distal portion which winds in a complex trajectory around the entire pedipalpal bulb. Female genitalia ( Fig. 33D View Figure 33 ) with pair of separate, globular anterior spermathecae; insemination ducts coiled around fertilisation ducts, with sclerotised proximal portion and expanded, membranous distal portion; fertilisation ducts bent, posteriorly-directed.

Distribution. Southern Chile, in Región de la Araucanía (Cautín and Malleco provinces) and Región de los Lagos (Chiloé, Llanquihue, Osorno and Palena provinces) (Fig. 212).

Composition. Only the type species Tricellina gertschi ( Forster & Platnick, 1981) .












Tricellina Forster & Platnick, 1989

Rix, Michael & Harvey, Mark 2010


Brignoli PM 1983: 696
Forster RR & Platnick NI 1981: 266