Pseudomyrma maculata,

Smith, Frederick, 1855, Descriptions of some species of Brazilian ants belonging to the genera Pseudomyrma, Eciton and Myrmica (with observations on their economy by Mr. H. W. Bates), Transactions of the Entomological Society of London (2) 3, pp. 156-169: 158-159

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Pseudomyrma maculata


Sp. 4. Pseudomyrma maculata  .

Worker. - Length 3 lines. Head, antennae, thorax and legs pale ferruginous; a small fuscous spot on the vertex, enclosing the ocelli; the eyes, a stripe down the middle of the metathorax, not reaching the apex, fuscous ; the femora above, and the posterior tibiae and tarsi, slightly fuscous; the petiole and first node of the abdomen pale ferruginous; the second node and the abdomen fuscous , and covered with a fine sericeous pile; the extreme apex rufo-testaceous ; the apical segment has a number of long fuscous hairs; the head and thorax have a similar fine pile to that on the abdomen.

The habitat of this species is Brazil. In my own Collection.