Montenegrina dofleini prespaensis Nordsieck, 1988

Feher, Zoltan & Szekeres, Miklos, 2016, Taxonomic revision of the rock-dwelling door snail genus Montenegrina Boettger, 1877 (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Clausiliidae), ZooKeys 599, pp. 1-137 : 19-21

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Montenegrina dofleini prespaensis Nordsieck, 1988


Taxon classification Animalia Stylommatophora Clausiliidae

Montenegrina dofleini prespaensis Nordsieck, 1988 Fig. 11M

Montenegrina dofleini prespaensis Nordsieck, 1988: 199-200, fig. 4.

Montenegrina dofleini ssp. - Nordsieck 1974: 153.

Montenegrina kastoriae prespaensis - Nordsieck 2009: 74.


Shell medium, elongate. Lower whorls smooth to indistinctly wrinkled, upper ones almost smooth to bluntly costate. Neck very weakly inflexed, behind the aperture striate to finely costate. Peristome attached, ovoid. Lamella superior weak, with spiralis does not overlap. In front view lamella inferior moderately emerged, subcolumellaris mostly not visible. Lunella dorsal-dorsolateral, weaker toward the basis. Basalis and subclaustralis mostly absent, residual sulcalis occasionally recognizable. Anterior plica superior absent or, if present, occasionally connected to the lunella complex.


(in mm). Hs: 13.9-19.6 (holotype 16.7), Ws: 3.6-4.5 (holotype 3.9).

Type locality.

Greece, Western Macedonia, Psarades, opposite to the village.

Type material.

Type locality, leg. HS, 1986, holotype (NHMW 84019), paratypes, (NHMW 84020/46); Psarades, peninsula NW of the village, leg. HS, 1985, paratypes (NHMW 84021/6, SMNS-N 9519).

Other material.

Greece, Psarades, N of the village, 860 m, 40.8315°N, 21.0288°E, leg. PS, 10.v.1995 (HNHM 12040); Psarades, E side of the bay, 870 m, 40.8316°N, 21.0287°E, leg. ZE, ZF, JG, (HNHM 99573); same locality, leg. ZF, EH, KJ, HS, 18.x.2014 (NHMW 110430/MN/0056); SW of Psarades, Panagia Eleousa cave temple, 850 m, 40.8087°N, 20.9979°E, leg. ZF, EH, KJ, HS, 18.x.2014 (NHMW 110430/MN/0057); Albania, Korçë District, Kallamas, 850 m, 40.8924°N, 20.9394°E, leg. ZF, EH, KJ, HS, 17.x.2014 (NHMW 110430/MN/0055); same locality, leg. ZE, ZF, JG, (HNHM 99575); Sveta Marena cave temple ca. 4 km E of Kallamas, 850 m, 40.8872°N, 20.9729°E, leg. ZE, ZF, JG, 29.6.2015 (NHMW 110430/MN/0134); 2 km SE of Kallamas, 850 m, 40.8809°N, 20.9590°E, leg. ZE, ZF, JG, 29.6.2015 (NHMW 110430/MN/0135).


Lake Prespa area, with sporadical occurrences are along the western and southern shores. Occasinally sympatric, but not syntopic, with Montenegrina hiltrudae sattmanni Nordsieck, 1988 and Montenegrina hiltrudae desaretica ssp. n. (Fig. 14).


From the confluence of the Great and Small Prespa Lakes Nordsieck (1988) mentions a further lot of paratypes (NHMW 84022/3) which, in fact, belongs to Montenegrina dofleini sinosi (see there).