Ampulex sp. 2

Dollfuss, Hermann, 2017, The Ampulicidae Wasps of the " Biologiezentrum-Linz " - Collection in Linz, Austria, including the Genera Ampulex JURINE, Dolichurus LATREILLE and Trirogma WESTWOOD (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Ampulicidae), Linzer biologische Beiträge 49 (1), pp. 441-457 : 447-448

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Ampulex sp. 2


Ampulex sp. 2 13 33

Description of the male: Bodylength: 10 – 12 mm. Body including hindfemora brillant, metallic blue; flagellomere I as long as II; two submarginal cells. Clypeus tectiforme, strongly carinate, ending in one distinct tooth; frons coarsely longitudinally punctate- rugose; inner margins of eyes slightly divergent above; antennal tubercle high developed and without carina; vertex coarsely punctato-rugose, distinctly elongate and narrowed behind eyes; occipital carina distinctly elongate and not evanescent below; dorsum of pronotal collar plain, sparsely punctate and without posteromedial conical elevation; scutum, scutellum, metanotum and metapleuron very coarsely densely punctate; posterolateral angle of propodeum with stout short tooth. Hindtarsomere IV short, does not reach middle portion of fifth one; claws bifid; abdominal segments I and II smoth and nearly impunctate, abdominal tergum I with sides converging at apex (nodose); abdominal tergum III coarsely, densely punctate; wings all infumate.

Ampulex sp. 2 differs from A. dissector in having the flagellomere I as long as II, the vertex is distinctly elongate and narrowed behind eyes and the occipital carina distinctly elongate. Additionally, the hindfemora are metallic blue, the sternaulus is absent and the first abdominal segment nodose ( A. dissector has the flagellomere I twice as long as II, the vertex not elongate and the occipital carina not elongate. Additionally, the hindfemora are reddish-brown, sternaulus is existing and the first abdominal segment not nodose).

I n d i a 233, Meghalaya, Turka peak, 600-1000m, 25°30'N 90°14'E, 12.-22.VI.2007, leg. Pacholátko.

L a o s 13, Louang Namtha province, Namtha Muang Sing , 21°09'N 101°19'E, 900-1200m, 5.- 31. V.1997, leg. Kubáň GoogleMaps ; 13, Province Hua Phan, Phou Pan, Ban Saleui env., 21°13'30''N 103°59'26''E, 1350-1900m, 15.-16. V.2012, leg. Holzschuh and locals GoogleMaps ; same locality and same collectors: 13, 7.-9-IV.2010 GoogleMaps ; 13, 11.IV.2010; 13, 27.-28.IV.2010; 13, 19.IV.2010; 13, 13.V.2010; 13, 11.V.2011; 13, 5.V.2011; 13, 5.V.2012; 13, 18.V.2013.

The following 37 specimens of Ampulex could not be named:

India (13), Laos (7♀♀, 1333), South Africa (7♀♀, 233), West Sumatra (13), Thailand (533), Vietnam (13).


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