RHOPALOSIPHINA, Mordvilko, 1914

Stekolshchikov, Andrey V. & Buga, Sergey V., 2018, The aphid fauna (Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha, Aphidomorpha) of Murmansk province (Russia), with description of Aphis khrulevi sp. nov. and Dysaphis karyakini sp. nov. and males of Chaitophorus nigricantis Pintera, 1987, Zootaxa 4527 (4), pp. 451-493: 465-466

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Hyalopterus pruni (Geoffroy, 1762)  

Published information. MP: without host plant ( Przhiboro, 1995).

Comments. At the current time there are morphological and molecular evidence of the existence of not two, as it was known before 2008, but three species of Hyalopterus   ( Lozier et al., 2008; Favret et al., 2017).

Since we do not have these samples at our disposal, we can not confirm that they belong to Hyalopterus pruni   .

Rhopalosiphum nymphaeae (Linnaeus, 1761)  

Material. Khi: Prunus   sp., 16.vii.1939, apt. (MZ).

Rhopalosiphum padi (Linnaeus, 1758)  

Published information. KP: Prunus padus   L. ( Mordvilko, 1935, as Siphonaphis padi   ). Kir: Carex   ? rostrata   ( Fridolin, 1936, as Siphonaphis padi   ). Khi: Poaceae   , Carex rostrata Stokes ( Znamenskaya, 1941)   . MP: Poaceae ( Znamenskaya, 1962)   ; Prunus padus   ( Novitskaya, 1962; Vershinina, 1981); without host plant ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Przhiboro, 1995). PABG: Prunus padus   , as Padus racemosa (Lam.) ( Buga, 1999). LRP and LRCh: Prunus padus   , Arabis arenosa Scop.   , Carex adelostoma Krecz.   and unknoun Poaceae (Stekolshchikov, 2012)   .

Material. Pol: Poaceae   , sweeping, 4.vii.1931, em. and apt.; sweeping, viii.1931, apt. (AM). Mish: sweeping, 7.viii.1997, apt. and gyn. (AP). Khi: Poaceae   , 17.vii.1931, em. and apt.; 19.vii.1931, em. (AM). PABG: Prunus padus   , 10.vii.1962, fund. and apt.; Poa annua   L. and other Poaceae   , 26.vii.1962, em. and apt. (GSh). DZ: sweeping, 4.viii.1997, gyn. (AP). Ap: Prunus padus   , 8.vii.1998, em. (SB). 9SMon: sweeping, 7.vii.1998, al. and apt; 9.vii.1998, em. (SB). 1NMon: sweeping, 9.vii.1998, al. and apt. (SB). 15SMon: sweeping, 9.vii.1998, apt. (SB). 5NMon: sweeping, 9.vii.1998 and 13.vii.1998, apt. (SB). 20SMon: sweeping, 9.vii.1998, al. and apt. (SB). 7SMon: sweeping, 12.vii.1998, apt. (SB). PABG: Poaceae   , 17.vii.1998, apt. (SB). NVou: sweeping, 17.vii.1998, apt. (SB). LRCh: Arabis arenosa   (accidentally), 30.vi.2004, em.; Poaceae   , 3.vii.2004, em.; Carex adelostoma   , 18.vii.2004, apt. ( AS). Luv: Triglochin palustre   L., 17.vii.2002, apt.; light trap, 1–15.vii.2004, em.; 7.viii.2004 and 29–30.viii.2004, gyn. ( AS +ESh). Kan: Prunus padus   , 17.vii.2002, em.; Lamarckia aurea   (L.) Moench, 27.viii.2005, gyn. (AK). Ap: Taraxacum   sp., 15.vii.2005, apt. and al. ( AS). LRP: Prunus padus   , 3.vii.2005, apt. and em. ( AS).

* Schizaphis nigerrima (Hille Ris Lambers, 1931)  

Material. Luv: Elymus repens   (L.) Gould, 1.viii.2002, apt. and males; Agropyron angustiglume Nevski   , 17.vii.2005, apt.; Alopecurus arundinaceus Poir.   , 16.vii.2006, apt. and al. ( AS). Vel: Leymus arenarius Hochst.   , 2.vii.2004, apt. (VZh).